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This week’s podcast is about the silly idea that there’s any real security in your life — financial, business, and, yes, personal. And, what to do about it this Christmas.… READ MORE

Today’s podcast is 7 “lost” Email Players rules. I thought I did these 7 I had written down before we burned down the elBenbo’s Apprentice (my short lived membership site a couple years ago) house.… READ MORE


Today’s podcast is the 50th anniversary episode, where I reach into the unrighteous show mail bag and answer listener questions. If you’ve ever asked me a question (whether you heard back from me or not), yours could have been one of them…… READ MORE

Today’s podcast obnoxiously explains the foolishness of being a cheapskate, why trying to “save money” is the new expensive, and a few of the people I hire out work to (who are not cheap).… READ MORE

The newest podcast is up and loaded.
It’s about, well… you’ll see.
Ben Settle… READ MORE

In today’s brand spanking new podcast, Producer Jonathan & I talk about a stewpid way to sell (that a lot of people — especially copywriters and girls looking for a good man) do. That you may be doing.… READ MORE

The newest podcast is up online. It’s about a secret I learned from the world’s greatest phone sales trainer about how to “override” someone’s ability to ignore your emails, even if they’re hostile to you, can’t stand you, and want to ignore you.… READ MORE

The newest podcast contains 7 new Email Players rules, like, for example, if you want cheap customers sell cheap products, and other tidbits of goo from my brain.
It’s awaiting your itchy ears right here.… READ MORE

I just slapped a new podcast up on my site — it’s about an old martial arts concept that can help you turn troll comments, bad reviews, and online attacks against your business into cold, hard cash in your piggy bank.… READ MORE

The latest podcast is up and way-too-patiently waiting for your righteous self to listen. It’s about people who like to type just to hear themselves write and how it destroys sales.… READ MORE

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