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The latest podcast is up online, where I help lift the indebted out of being slaves to their lenders, and do it in a fast, and efficient way.… READ MORE

The latest podcast has been uploaded and is impatiently waiting for your tender ear. It’s about a popular comic book writer’s advice on how to write fast.… READ MORE

The newest podcast is up and standing by, patiently waiting for you to listen to it. It’s about how to use the ancient martial arts principle of startled force to solve all your money problems.… READ MORE

A spanking-brand new podcast is up and wriggling online. It’s about how to create your own copywriting tactics.… READ MORE

I slapped up the newest podcast online — it’s all about gamesmanship. And, how the people closest to you could be using it to screw with your psyche and hold you back without you realizing it.… READ MORE


The most recent podcast is up and running. It’s advice I gave a young 22-year old turk on how to build a business online starting from scratch.
It’s a an entire business plan in 15-minutes.… READ MORE

The most recent podcast episode is up and running. It’s about why GenX (my generation — let the bias be noted for the logs) make superior entrepreneurs to other generations.… READ MORE

The newest podcast is up and waiting impatiently for you. It’s about giving the “No Medicine” to people in business — including people trying to shove money in your hot, sticky little hand.… READ MORE

The newest podcast episode is locked and loaded on my site. It’s about 10 resources marketers can use to both make more sales and pick up more chicks.… READ MORE

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