Find Out The Biggest Lie Guroobs are Telling You About Podcasting

Find Out The Biggest Lie Guroobs are Telling You About Podcasting

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Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared by anyone.

Can ten ancient principles from an old parable about a poor camel boy guide you to success?
Well, in today’s episode, Taylor breaks down some of the most priceless pieces of wisdom from Og Mandino’s book ‘The Greatest Salesman in The World.’ And if applied, these timeless habits will give you the best chances of accomplishing anything you choose to set your mind to.… READ MORE

Building and running your own business is no piece of cake, especially when you’re raising a family at the same time.
Monica is today’s special guest. She is a single mother who put everything on the line through sheer determination in the hope of achieving her business dreams.… READ MORE

It’s more than likely that fear manifests itself somewhere in your life. Whether it’s through your thoughts, behavior, or attitude, fear is the natural survival mechanism holding you prisoner to your own comfort zone, making sure you play it safe or avoid a task altogether…even if it will help you grow.… READ MORE

An asset is a resource that holds the expectation of providing a future benefit…and your business and skill-set are two of your most valuable assets.
So instead of doing what most people do, and seeing these as something that ‘cost’ you money, today we’re going to flip the script and show you how to start treating your business and skill-set like the long-term, value-producing assets they are.… READ MORE

We rejoin the action for part two of an exclusive series when it comes to stacking the decks in your favour and sharing what it actually takes to win with paid media.
Missed part one? No problem, hit the link below to go straight there:
click here to go straight to episode #120
Show Highlights:
– How to effectively market to affluent buyers (0:30)
– An age-old advertising secret that still works to this day (2:40)
– Advertising tips for paid media success in 2019 (8:15)
– Facebook Ad Copy Length: short or long – which is best?… READ MORE

It’s very rare you get something of value for nothing in today’s day – especially when it comes to marketing. Paid media is a key component of any successful marketing strategy.
It doesn’t matter if you’re launching a new Facebook Ad campaign or distributing your content on any other platform – you need the right tools for getting noticed in an increasingly noisy online world.… READ MORE

The majority of people falsely believe that progress towards a goal is linear like a journey up a steady 45-degree incline. This most certainly is never the case.
And sure, nobody likes to lose. But in order for you to win, you have to sacrifice something to get something.… READ MORE

Real success is never without sacrifice, and it sure ain’t easy.
Becoming successful, achieving your goals, and getting closer to the person you want to become often doesn’t mean adding more things – you actually need to give up on some of them.… READ MORE

On today’s episode, Chris and Taylor open the floor to a live Q & A session, answering a wide range of topics from an unconventional way to deal with debt, the best way to find more of your ideal clients, and why Taylor invests an ungodly amount of money in Tesla.… READ MORE

If you’re familiar to the world of tennis, top-spin and back-spin are the two types of spin you can put on the ball; One propels the ball forward while the other spins the ball backward.
Similar to the tennis ball, when it comes to business, there are two types of toleration that will determine either how far you will grow or how fast you’ll ruin your ‘game.’
Dive into today’s episode and find out what they are, and how to leverage the right tolerance to propel your business forward.… READ MORE

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