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Nothing breaks a salesperson faster than an unexpected objection.
If you’re annoyed about losing deals to kickbacks like “I’m not ready,” “I don’t have the money,” or “now isn’t a good time,” then it’s time to get serious about overcoming objections.… READ MORE

Culture can make or break your business. It sets the tone for everything. From how your team interacts to how your clients are treated – and one tiny mistake can set you back months.
Building a winning culture isn’t simply about claiming a set of values or plastering catchy phrases and core values on the wall.… READ MORE

You’ve invested a ton of time into building this business. You’ve given birth to this ‘child,’ but now, the very thing that was supposed to bring you freedom and satisfaction is sucking the life out of you.… READ MORE

Is energy the missing link to peak performance?
As Entrepreneurs, we all know too well the meaning of burning the candle at both ends.
Stress, overload, uncertainty and even social isolation. We know all of this can lead to a destructive downward spiral and a sudden slump in energy.  READ MORE

The difference between an Entrepreneur and a successful Entrepreneur is quite substantial.
Everybody thinks they’ve got the next game-changing idea, and that they’re going to become the next Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg.READ MORE

Stay Positive!
That’s the common advice given to people who start out in business. After all, it’s impossible to achieve big dreams without daring to dream big in the first place – and you can’t take real risks unless you first believe in yourself, right?READ MORE

There are many battles you’re up against when it comes to building your business. Knowing how to get started, where to find clients, and not letting social media suck hours of your precious time are just as few.  READ MORE

In this episode, Taylor answers questions from his ClientKit community.  We dive into questions around overcoming the feeling of being bored, how to keep momentum, why it’s dangerous to only have money goals and plenty more.READ MORE

Sales and Marketing are two very important pillars of any business, but which is more important? It’s a common question even the most experienced Entrepreneurs wrestle with.
While there is little confusion knowing the difference between the two, understanding how much consideration each should take is a different story altogether.READ MORE

What makes a true champion? It’s not a trophy. It’s not the talent, the salary, the fastest time, or the most records. It’s not even being the best of the best. Those are just some of the benefits of being a champion.READ MORE

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