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Stay Positive!

That’s the common advice given to people who start out in business. After all, it’s impossible to achieve big dreams without daring to dream big in the first place – and you can’t take real risks unless you first believe in yourself, right?

But there comes a point when optimism not only blinds us…it destroys us.

Optimism tends to result in faulty judgments and mistaken decisions. Sure, it can enhance our performance, but it also forces us into activities doomed to fail.

In today’s episode, Taylor is a special guest on Tory Dube’s podcast ‘An Excellent Example Of Being Human.’  They cover everything from optimism, business, money, life, energy, and goals – a seriously in-depth podcast with plenty of nuggets for you to put into immediate action!

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The $9,000 tax bill that changed Taylor’s  life, and how helping his wife’s salon helped him find his passion (8:25)
  • Why optimists always die first (15:20)
  • Your most valuable currency that’s NOT money or time (16:20)
  • Catastrophic Thinking? How to feel great even if your mind clings to the worst-case scenario (18:20)
  • The ‘perfect’ office layout for innovation and productivity (20:20)
  • The fastest way to make more money  (24:00)
  • The one thing all experts must have if they ever want to be taken seriously by their market (31:00)
  • The #1 marketing mistake talented experts make over and over again without even realizing (32:40)
  • The Wealth Gap: How rich people see the world differently (35:10)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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