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Entrepreneurs face many marketing challenges, but one of the hardest things you need to do is determine what makes your business stand out from the competition – and present it in a unique way that attracts your ideal client.… READ MORE

We make hundreds of decisions every single day. Many of them are opportunities that could change our lives, yet most of us have no idea how to quickly assess a decision to produce the best outcome.
Think of decisions like forks in the road.… READ MORE

Most of us are wired to run scared from pain – but the few who don’t receive all the fulfillment and victory. They embrace pain. They cherish the pain in the process. They’ve mastered the ability to link this chaotic, painful, challenging, overwhelming feeling with fulfillment – and that’s why certain people win.… READ MORE

So you’re climbing some kind of ladder in your personal and professional life. There are the normal set-backs but on balance, you’re progressing. You’re moving up the ladder. But when was the last time you paused and looked up at the top of the ladder?… READ MORE

This is a replay of one our most popular episodes. ENJOY!
What’s the #1 key that separates the rich from the poor? Ask anybody who is financially free and they’ll all give you the same answer: Their mindset.… READ MORE

This is a replay of one our most popular episodes. ENJOY!
Michael Murphy spent the last 34 years in Christian Ministry before making the shift and starting his non profit consulting organization; Leaderscape.… READ MORE

Think about what it would have been like to create the pyramids in Egypt – without cranes.
Or how impossible it sounded to create a machine that could carry hundreds of people thousands of miles around the globe – and imagine how hard it would have been to convince passengers that it wouldn’t crash and that they’d be safe?… READ MORE

In this 1-hour long guest interview, Taylor joins Josh Forti on the Think Different Theory show to talk about everything from his background, business, mindset, decision making, religion, wealth creation, Trump, and the future economy.… READ MORE

Risk-taking is an integral part of success. The problem is most of us fear taking risks due to possible rejection, failure, change, and uncertainty. Even thinking about risk can kick your flight/flight response into overdrive!… READ MORE

A lot of people are going to be offended by what we’re talking about today.
This is one of those hugely controversial self-evident truths nobody likes to talk about. But the moment we stop voicing our opinions because we’re scared of pushback is the time we shut our Entrepreneurial doors – and we’re definitely not ready for that yet.… READ MORE

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