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The biggest human emotional driver is money.  This can destroy families and ultimately people’s lives if not mastered.
This is especially true when people buy cars and houses that they can’t afford.… READ MORE

People inherently know that investing is difficult and risky.
But then, why does everyone run off to buy the stocks that their favorite news channels talk about without researching and fact-checking?
Not only is this terrible in hindsight, but it also costs us our wealth in the long term.… READ MORE

“Be greedy when others are fearful.”
If you’ve been investing for some time, you probably know who said that quote. And it’s true now more than ever.
Especially in this recession, where the smart ones know that investing now will lead to bigger gains in the long term.… READ MORE

When do you think is the right time to talk to a financial advisor when you’re planning to retire early?
Before you retire, right? Wrong!
Because you’ll be 10 years too late to retire by then.
If you want to retire early, you need to have a solid game plan that doesn’t involve having to live miserably and saving pennies by skipping coffee.… READ MORE

If your financial advisor urges you to invest in mutual funds and check in once a year, they’re costing you thousands of dollars.
Because the economy isn’t a stable place where things are bound to go up.… READ MORE

Discover how to  avoid the financial planning pitfalls that have trapped so many people just like you. Harold Green, creator of the Rapid Retire Financial Planning Process, and his guest experts will reveal the insider secrets of retiring early.… READ MORE

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