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Confused by Crypto? Mystified by the Metaverse? Puzzled by people paying big bucks for profile pics and NFTs? Good news, so is your host. Riverathan is a 40-something Husband, Dad, and Man of God – trying to make sense of it all.… READ MORE


Web 3.0 will create more freedom than the American Revolution did.
Freedom from banks. Freedom from fiat. And freedom from anything else holding you back in life.
In this recap episode, I’m sharing the 3 most profitable lessons I’ve learned from previous guests on my show, so you can take advantage of the freedom and wealth Web 3.0 wants to give you.… READ MORE

Imagine knowing Mickey Mouse before he got famous.
Investing in NFTs could be just that. Because with the right projects you partake in something much bigger than a “get-rich-fast craze”. You can build the entertainment brands of the future right now.… READ MORE

NFTs can give you a route towards better financial health. But they can also improve one of the biggest problems today:
Mental health.
NFTs bring people together through love in the same way social media drives people apart through hate.… READ MORE

Most people unfamiliar with NFTs think they’re a scam. And there are some scammers out there. In fact, today’s guest, Mr. Fleksible, lost $50k on an NFT scam.
While he almost gave up after losing $50 grand, he stuck around and uncovered the secrets to NFT profits without much effort.… READ MORE

Many people get into NFTs for financial reasons. They think they can 2-3x their investment in a couple of days (or even quicker).
But the financial reasons only scratch the surface of what NFTs can do.… READ MORE

NFTs are the future of commerce and we’re only in beta. It’s like The Matrix, but more practical for your business and your bank account.
But what does that mean? How can you jump into the world of NFTs as an entrepreneur?… READ MORE

It’s hard picking profitable NFTs and avoiding ones that go to zero. It’s even harder to build your own NFTs and sell them. And it’s almost impossible to build a successful NFT project when the market’s down.… READ MORE

The world of NFTs and Web 3.0 is both exciting and confusing. On one hand, nothing throughout American history unlocked more freedom than NFTs will. On the other hand, anyone can right click and save a jpeg, right?… READ MORE

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