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Imagine knowing Mickey Mouse before he got famous.

Investing in NFTs could be just that. Because with the right projects you partake in something much bigger than a “get-rich-fast craze”. You can build the entertainment brands of the future right now.

But what makes an NFT an investment that keeps on growing instead of just another gamble?

In this episode, my guest is Coolman’s Universe community builder, Ryanis. He explains how to invest in projects to build a worldwide global brand that extends beyond NFTs.

Listen now to discover how to invest smart and maximize the value of your NFTs. So your projects can turn into the next big brand of the future.

Show Highlights include:

  • A fail-proof plan to start making profit in the Web 3 world (without sacrificing your “real world” income) (6:54)
  • 3 approaches to maximize the value of your NFTs (even if its price goes to 0) (13:22)
  • How building “cult-like communities” raises the value of your NFTs (16:47)
  • 3 questions that make sure you invest in long term project that’ll keep growing (19:08)
  • How the “utility mindset” sets you up for success and simplifies your approach to buying NFTs (20:12)
  • Why short term flipping sabotages your return on NFTs (21:25)
  • How to pinpoint NFT red flags before you buy into projects that torch  your bank account (20:36)
  • What makes an NFT project an investment instead of a gamble  (27:02)

97% of NFT projects fail. Want to find out how to pick better NFT projects, so you can sell them for a sizable return? Head to https://dgen.fm and grab the free report I put together so you can pick profitable projects.


Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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