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I checked my “Off The Chain” podcast reviews on iTunes the other day.
99% were positive.
So guess what I focused on.
The two negative reviews, of course. (That’s just human nature, ya know.)
It got me thinking about all the critics in my life.… READ MORE

Did you know the average American is confronted by at least five times as much information each day as they were back in 1986.
Geez… talk about overwhelm.
But don’t worry. I’m going to help you deal with it.… READ MORE

It’s that time again.
What time?
Podcast time.
Episode 11 of “Off The Chain” is ready and waiting for you here:
Here are a few of the things I’m exposing that many people in our little world would prefer I NOT disclose…

The tale of the frog and owl… and how listening to the owls (there are GAGGLES of them online) is a one way ticket to bankruptcy.READ MORE

Episode 10 of my contentious, controversial and cocky “Off The Chain” podcastis anxiously awaiting to tantalize your auditory orifices here:
Below are just a few of the nuggets of entrepreneurial wisdom you’ll hear spew forth in rapid fire succession from my cheeky pie hole…

One of my most profitable copywriting secrets… one I see ignored by a LOT of copywriters.READ MORE

Episode 9 of “Off The Chain” is now available for your listening pleasure.
Here are just a few things you’ll discover…

The secret behind the MASSIVE success of the Beat Buddy.READ MORE

We just uploaded episode 8 of my “Off The Chain” podcast on that iTunes doohickey.
Here are a few things I’m babbling about…

How I became a “direct marketing legend.” (It’s probably not what you’re thinking.)
Details about my 9 years as a part-time entrepreneur and full time cop.… READ MORE

There are a few people whose message resonates so strongly with me that I buy EVERY single product they produce.
There’s this one guy who resonates sooooo strongly with methat I’ve accidentally bought several of his products twice (one three times) simply because I didn’t read the copy and didn’t realize I’d already bought it.… READ MORE

Episode 7 of my politically correct podcast is all polished up and ready for your virgin ears.
In this episode you’ll discover…

The “chicken secret” for getting a big flood of new customers FAST.READ MORE

There’s a new special episode of my “Off The Chain” podcast awaiting your virgin ears on iTunes.
It’s my interview with Brian Kurtz, the former Executive V.P. and all-around badass rainmaker for that 800 lb.… READ MORE

Episode 6 of my politically correct podcast is all polished up and ready for your virgin ears.
In this episode you’ll discover…

My response to “I need to make money ASAP.” (You’ll probably be surprised at my answer.)
The WORST way to start a business.… READ MORE

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