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I was feeling good…
In fact… in spite of being a graying 52 year old, no-longer- handsome guy… I was feeling that macho swagger again.
Like back in the day… if ya know what I mean.… READ MORE

Have you been listening to my Off The Chain podcast?
If so, then maybe you listened to last week’s episode with Dustin Mathews.
He shared some great stuff. Like some super successful ways to find a mentor…
And one thang that seemed really cool to me… how an introvert can work behind the scenes in the speaking business to make millions.… READ MORE

Can you be an extreme “hide behind a computer” introvert yet still make millions speaking?
That’s exactly what one of my friends did.
And he’s revealing his secret formula here…
HINT: The speaker doesn’t have to be YOU.… READ MORE

And it doesn’t come from my business or marketing experience.
It comes from my bodybuilding experience back in the day.
This truly is the secret to creating any kind of life you want… and getting EVERYTHING you desire.… READ MORE

Well ALMOST stopped talking about marketing. (With the civilians. I still talk about new marketing breakthroughs a LOT with my knights.)
Why do I rarely share that stuff on my podcasts anymore?
’Cuz it ain’t the most important thang for building your biz and making money.… READ MORE

“Because when you find that magic… when you’re aligned with what it is you’re good at… what you love to do…
“…and you’re always trying to do the right thing…
“…it’s magic and you FEEL it.… READ MORE

I have a really fun — and smart — guest on this week’s episode of Off The Chain.
A brief excerpt:
“Everyone is so freakin’ focused on the money or the hustle and all the bullshit.
Just figure out what you do and your strengths… what you really love to do… what’s that thing that every morning you wake up with a smile and you’re like, ‘Another day, baby!’
That’s where you’ve got to get.… READ MORE

Is Doberman Dan promoting substance abuse?
Actually… a teeny, tiny… damn near infinitesimal number of people have already discovered this drug.… READ MORE

If you ever want to be truly humbled about your status as a human being… just take a look at your dog.
Pound for pound, your dog is much stronger and faster than you.
As a predator he’s a much more efficient killer than you.… READ MORE

Lots of lessons this week for any freelancer or service provider.
And by the way, this isn’t the first time I’ve been screwed by one of those “I’m making
more money than God” bragging gurus.… READ MORE

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