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This was an interesting little experiment.
One of my knights decided to use his copywriting and marketing skills to sift through
millions of women online to try and find “the one.”
In the process the whole kit and caboodle went viral.… READ MORE

I’ve done some crazy stuff in the past.
Hell, I’m doing crazy stuff NOW.
At first, I told myself it was to open my mind.
So I could become a better copywriter.
A better musician.
A better composer.
Free from the self-hate.… READ MORE

Crazy like a fox.
’Cuz the simplest of things…
Something you’re already doing 24 hours a day unconsciously… can TRANSFORM your
In your business…
In your relationships…
Heck… your entire frickin’ LIFE, man.… READ MORE

Don’t blame this one on me.
My producer J.R. is the one to blame. He started it.
But like I told ya a couple weeks ago, I’m not pulling my punches anymore.
And THIS little rant is gonna piss off EVERYBODY who runs masterminds.… READ MORE

Are you frustrated?
Fed up with not making any progress?
Does every day in your business feel like you’re swimming in wet concrete?
The solution is simple, my treasured troubadour.
Just follow the WWF’s lead.… READ MORE

In his forward to my new book, “Just Sell The Damn Thing,” Dan Kennedy said this about
lil’ ole moi:
“My own chosen and lived positioning for more than 40 years has been ‘No B.S.’ Had I not claimed it, it could just as easily be his.”
And that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing today…
Giving you some hard won, no BS advice from 30 years in the entrepreneurial trenches.… READ MORE

I’m gonna let ya in on something.
To support my two bad habits (sleeping indoors and eating at least once a day)… I write
sales copy.
A few people who are experts at that stuff say I’m really good at it.… READ MORE

I’ll answer that question for you…
Based on my experience, THIS secret could be the biggest, most efficient and most
EFFECTIVE thang you could ever possibly do in your business.
That’s how it has worked out for me… and I’ve been doing it for almost a quarter of a century.… READ MORE

A few years ago I decided to try selling a high priced coaching program.
My sales copy did a great job of getting people to set up a phone call with me to learn
about my coaching dealy-bop.
Because I’ve gotten pretty darn good at selling in print.… READ MORE

I’ve never heard ANYBODY say this.
I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds when I heard it.
And it changed my life in an instant. REALLY.
Because this problem has taunted me my entire life.… READ MORE

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