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Where some see Rome crumbling, I see opportunity.
In this case I’m talking about the medical profession.
Many doctors and other medical professionals, after realizing that this hell isn’t going to end…
…and no, there isn’t gonna be a transition to a “better system” as long as the government’s involved…
…are throwing up their hands and getting out.… READ MORE

I read an interesting and somewhat disturbing survey the other day.
It showed that 35% of Americanshave thought about packing up and moving overseas.
Not travel for recreation.They want to get their body and their moneyoutta here ASAP because they believethe U.S.is going to hell in a hand basket.… READ MORE

You can make your business life about as hard as possible… or as easy as possible.
One of the keys to making it as easy as possible, yet still making a ton of money, is to sell to the right people.
Sadly, most entrepreneurs I know take the exact opposite approach.… READ MORE

I watched the documentary about Joan Rivers… again.
It’s called “A Piece of Work.”
A HUGE secret about her is revealed in that movie.
Interestingly, it’s the same secret very few people know about moi, Doberman Dan.… READ MORE

Those are the two things (actually it’s THREE things, isn’t it?) I’m talking about on the latest episode of Off The Chain.
It may SEEM like these things aren’t related… but they are.… READ MORE

I’ve been a serial direct response entrepreneur and copywriter for 20 years now.
(I know. You’ve heard me tell my story a million times… and you’re sick of it. I you think YOU’RE sick of it… imagine how I feel.)
Anyhoo… I feel like I know less now than I did 20 years ago.… READ MORE

The movie “Whiplash” isn’t about what you probably think it’s about.
Yeah, it’s about a jazz drummer and his highly abusive teacher.
But that’s not the REAL theme.
What that film is ACTUALLY about is so darn important, I did an entire podcast about it.… READ MORE

One of the most exciting things that can possibly happen in your business is also something that can put you out of business overnight.
I’m talking about rapid growth and spikes.
Your credit card processor HATES that.… READ MORE

Actually, it wasn’t that long ago everybody was predicting that the Internet was going to kick TV’s ass. And TV would soon go the way of the dinosaur.
But my how things have changed.
Most of the Internet guys still don’t get it.… READ MORE

My friend Ryan Levesque has an excellent book simply entitled “Ask.”
It’s a brilliant system for figuring out exactly what your market wants to buy.
So I recently sent an “ASK” survey to the knights in my Marketing Camelot.… READ MORE

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