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One of the knights in my Marketing Camelot, Sir Rob of Gramer, sentme at-shirt the other day.
Little did he realize it was confirmation of a little personal journey I’ve been on for the past severalyears.
In three words it sums up the formula for happiness.… READ MORE

I love jazz.
And Miles Davis is one of my favoritejazz innovators.
He was one of the leading figures in the bebop movement.
Then he became a leading figure in the fusion movement in the 60’s. (All the jazz traditionalist snobs hated him for this.)
Miles had an interesting belief about jazz.… READ MORE

Which would you rather do?
Live in a very ordinary middle class neighborhood and drive a 12-year-old Ford Focus…
…Or live in a million-dollar McMansion with a garage full of cars like Rolls-Royce, Lotus, Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati, etc.?… READ MORE

What does the low budget and campy movie from 1988 called “They Live”, starring Rowdy Roddy Piper, have to do with your success?
Quite a lot, actually.
It’s a movie about all the hiddenconditioning all around us to keep us living our entire lives in mediocrity.… READ MORE

A LOT changes actually.
The biggest?
YOU change.
And I think you’ll be surprised at what changes around you as you change.
Hmmm… or maybe NOTHING changes. Maybe it just appears to change because your view of the world changes.… READ MORE

The old music biz model is dead.
And that’s good news.
The suits don’t control it anymore.
The musicians and fans do.
(Well, the SMART musicians.)
I’m revealing how the new music business model works.… READ MORE

I didn’t expect THIS.
One of the most successful infomercial marketers in the world, Brad Richdale, agreed to talk marketing on my podcast.
I was super stoked.
But Brad had different ideas.
I don’t know why.… READ MORE

I love starting “bootstrap businesses.”
It’s exciting.
Some are fun little projects that bring in an extra few hundred to afew thousand bucks a month.
But some, even though they start small, have BIG potential.… READ MORE

My friend and fellow knight in the Marketing Camelot, Brian Keith Voiles, shared some truly breakthrough stuff recently.
Brian is one of the best copywriters I know.
And he has written copy (quite successfully) for practically ALL the big successful direct response marketers.… READ MORE

Did ya see Patricia Arquette’s little rantat the Oscars a few months ago?
The one she got a standing ovation for?
She got her award and said, “I won’t rest until we correct the wrong in this country of women not being compensated equal to men.”
So I looked into it and discovered something shocking…
There’s actually one Hollywood actress who got her facts right.… READ MORE

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