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One of the most exciting things that can possibly happen in your business is also something that can put you out of business overnight.
I’m talking about rapid growth and spikes.
Your credit card processor HATES that.… READ MORE

“If you invest in great, video, great pictures, guess what’s going to happen. You get engagement.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
Video View Cost Facebook:
.01 Property Video
.04 Info Video
Video View Cost You Tube:
youtube 460 views $5 Info Video
4,696 views $50 Property Video
Main Topic:
Why I’m Bullish On Video Marketing For Real Estate Agents Again
Links and other stuff mentioned in this show:

Actually, it wasn’t that long ago everybody was predicting that the Internet was going to kick TV’s ass. And TV would soon go the way of the dinosaur.
But my how things have changed.
Most of the Internet guys still don’t get it.… READ MORE

“I think you got it coming out from multiple angles, and you have to let go of this idea of “Oh, this might be annoying to them.”” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
40% of established salespeople experienced serious unwillingness to make calls
Main Topic:
Persistence & Annoyed Is Perception
3 Questions to ask yourself:

My friend Ryan Levesque has an excellent book simply entitled “Ask.”
It’s a brilliant system for figuring out exactly what your market wants to buy.
So I recently sent an “ASK” survey to the knights in my Marketing Camelot.… READ MORE

“What you’d find is you have a whole group of people that are just unaware of what it is, what you have and what you offer.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
94% World’s population can recognize the coca cola red and white logo
Main Topic:
A New Look at Working with Ready, Willing and Able Clients

One of the knights in my Marketing Camelot, Sir Rob of Gramer, sentme at-shirt the other day.
Little did he realize it was confirmation of a little personal journey I’ve been on for the past severalyears.
In three words it sums up the formula for happiness.… READ MORE

You are listening to the best of The Making Agents Rich Show and today is the final installment of the best of for this session.
We went back into the archives, the first 50 shows of Making Agents Rich and we picked out some of the cornerstone content.… READ MORE

I love jazz.
And Miles Davis is one of my favoritejazz innovators.
He was one of the leading figures in the bebop movement.
Then he became a leading figure in the fusion movement in the 60’s. (All the jazz traditionalist snobs hated him for this.)
Miles had an interesting belief about jazz.… READ MORE

You are listening to the best of The Making Agents Rich Show.
Darren and I got together and picked our four favorite shows from the first 50.
I can’t believe that we’ve done over 160 shows so we went back and picked our four favorite shows from the first 50 Making Agents Rich Shows since iTunes has buried all that and we’re bringing it back to you because this is cornerstone content.… READ MORE

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