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In today’s show, Kevin brings on to the show guest Scott Mckinstry to talk about how you can write great story openers.

Here are the show highlights:

2:45 How The Disney classic Beauty And The Beast can improve your writing

4:50 The most overlooked element in marketing

5:20 The MOST valuable thing people can pay you that isn't money

6:40 Three important guideposts to follow when creating an attention grabbing story opener

9:40 Why your story is like a mouse trap

10:40 The ‘just one more’ syndrome and why Kevin is addicted to Homeland

11:40 The magic ingredients that make a great story

13:00 What you should REALLY be focusing on ( the most powerful principle ever created)

15:45 How to be the ‘detective’ in your storytelling

17:00 Email master Ben Settle’s advice when it comes to research and storytelling

Story Openers

This is one of the most important parts to telling your story. Scott and Kevin talk about why your story opener has one main task which is to grab attention. its sets the basis for whats going to happen next and makes it irresistible for people not to carry on reading.


One of the most overlooked elements in marketing is grabbing a persons attention but its essential you keep people hooked in your story. Scott tells you exactly how to do this in this episode. You've got to give people major rewards for reading your story. Attention is the most valuable currency people can pay you.


A powerful principle that Scott talks about in today’s episode. Its a great way of honing in and doing more of the tasks that are giving you the biggest results.


Scott talks about Ben Settle and his strategy for establishing empathy in your story. Research is key if you want to get inside your readers mind and really understand what they want to hear.

You can find out more about Scott Mckinstry at his website which is www.marketingwithstory.com and download his exclusive free report on writing better stories in your copy.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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