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“The only reason why I wanted to put this together though is I think there is a lot lacking out there of how to do this, how to set goals as a couple.” – Darin Persinger

Numbers never Lie:
82% – Divorce Rate of married business owners
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Goal Setting For Couples
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Today, we’ll be talking about something that I am so passionate about: collection design! While jewelry making is an art we all know and love, it can be good to check in with our creative selves every once and awhile and ask, “Am I creating a collection that I can sell?”
In today’s podcast we’re going over the 3 key components of a super-sellable collection!… READ MORE





Two of my favorite things.
Actually, as Producer Jonathan pointed out, that’s three things. (Insert rimshot here.)
Anyhoo… I have a new project.
It only cost me 8 lousy bucks to get it started.… READ MORE

The answer: Your customers should know, like, and trust you. In today’s episode, we’ll be talking all about the know, like, and trust factor and share our keys to building lasting business relationships.… READ MORE

“If you believe the interruptions, distractions are villains of productivity that they need to be slain then you need to go, develop an environment of productivity and get yourself into that place as often as possible.” – Darin Persinger

Main Topic:

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite bloggers and instagrammers, Danielle Miele of Gem Gossip. Renown in the jewelry community as a wealth of knowledge, Danielle shared with us 3 ways to noticed by influential bloggers in today’s episode.… READ MORE

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