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Reason #472 you DON’T need sponsors for your podcast.
Sponsors pay you peanuts and you need boatloads of downloads to attract them. On the other hand. When you’ve got a great product. With a powerful message.READ MORE

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Bob GardnerAlive and Free

It’s like he became a champion for what I’m doing.”
Bob Gardner reached out to us earlier this year about helping him get his Alive and Free podcast started.  
 Bob coaches people who suffer from addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts and emotional trauma to radically change their perspective in order to deal with the root causes so they can let go and fully heal.… READ MORE

James PollardThe Advisor Coach

I’m so used to being a control freak and being involved in every process, and having my hand in the cookie jar”
You know every product benefit, every client objection; and when talking one-on-one with a potential new client, you know just what to say to close the deal.… READ MORE

Brandon & AmandaGrandma’s Wealth Wisdom

We’ve seen our numbers increase [becuase] we are leveraging this asset to educate our clients.

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” – Henry Ford 
 I know I’m not sharing any earth-shattering secret here, but the goal of any successful business
is NOT simply just to make money.… READ MORE

Greg SmithRise Above Podcast

With The Podcast Factory, you’re getting the entire package…strategy, implementation, execution, to results
So many people think all you need in order to have a popular podcast people actually want to listen to is high-quality audio production.… READ MORE

Dan BarrettREI Marketing Nerds

We definitely find that people that listen to the podcast and get on the phone with us are much easier sells.
Running a profitable business is hard work.

It eats up your time and stresses you out.… READ MORE

“I’m never doing this again!”
That’s what Justin Wise of the marketing agency Think Digital, and host of the Think Digital
podcast, said recalling how he felt after ending his previous podcast – one he’d concepted and
produced on his own.… READ MORE

Is your time worth at least $1k per hour?
You could be losing a fortune not focusing on the back-end!
Nobody knows your business like you do, right?
You know your clients and customers.
You’re an expert at solving their problems.… READ MORE

Sales calls are like sport fishing: first you’ve got to have a general idea of where the fish are, then you’ve got to have the right bait, and when the timing and positioning is right, you get a bite.… READ MORE

If you’re real honest with yourself, you know your best customers are craving more … more attention, more service and more value. But what does giving it all to them require of you?

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