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Jimmy Fullerton

Uncommon Life

Jonathan is realistic about telling you if your idea is going to work or if a podcast is the right tool for you to use.

Jimmy Fullerton always knew he wanted to start a podcast. He listened to podcasts all the time to better himself and his businesses.


But there were a few problems:

  1. He wanted to connect with more entrepreneurs, but wasn’t sure how to do it with a podcast.

  2. He was confused by the technical side of podcasting. He was already busy running 2 businesses and didn't have time to learn it on his own.

  3. He didn’t know how to make podcasting profitable for his business.

He knew Jonathan at The Podcast Factory for years and finally decided to reach out. 

He was blown away by how helpful Jonathan was from the very first call. 

“Jonathan is pretty realistic if your podcast idea won’t work... and I appreciated that.” 

Not only did Jonathan help him refine his idea, but he became his podcast consultant too. 

Jonathan helped him brainstorm how he could make podcasting work for his business so he wasn’t wasting time on a project that didn’t impact his bottom line. 

More importantly, Jonathan helped him dig into WHY he wanted to do a podcast and helped him turn his podcast into an asset for his business. 

“I was always impressed with Jonathan’s ability to dig stuff out of people.” 

“People are reconnecting with me that I haven’t talked to in years because I launched a podcast.

It’s always a good thing for me and my business when people reach back out to you.”  

Jimmy Fullerton

Uncommon Life

Jimmy found The Podcast Factory made it possible for him to launch a podcast and build deeper relationships with his listeners. 

Using The Content Vault™ system, Jimmy clarified his thoughts and message to attract more of the right listeners. 

He also liked the weekly “Podcast Factory Insider” calls where he met other podcasters who were further along in their journey. Being around them gave him insights into podcasting he couldn't get anywhere else in the world.

All of this helped Jimmy create a better, more entertaining podcast that serves a deeper purpose for his business. 

But The Podcast Factory didn’t just help Jimmy launch a podcast… 

He also became a better marketer following The Podcast Factory system — particularly with email and social media marketing. 

With all these new tools Jimmy has been able to scale up his relationship building to an entire new level.

“My businesses are all about relationships… [having a podcast] forces me to be intentional about relationships.” 

“People are reconnecting with me that I haven’t talked to in years because I launched a podcast. It’s always good for me and my business when people reach out to me.” 

And that’s what we like to do around here: 

Make it easy for people to reach out to you when they need your help. 

Remember this, your podcast is an asset. 

You never know when one of your episodes will connect with the exact right person, at the exact right time, to bring your next six-figure deal knocking at your door.

If you’re like Jimmy and know you want to create an asset for your business, but are struggling with what to talk about, reach out to Jonathan and set up an introductory call: 


Not only will Jonathan help you hash out your ideas, but he’ll honestly tell you if your podcast idea will work or not. 

Want A Podcast That Will Connect You To More People?

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