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Scott Hudspeth

Millionaire Loan Officer

I can’t change lives if I’m editing a podcast to try to publish."

Scott Hudspeth helps his clients become millionaire loan officers with his proven process. Scott changes his customers’ lives, but he needs to spend time with them 1-on-1 to make it happen.

“I can’t change lives if I’m editing a podcast to try to publish. I still wouldn’t have a podcast today if it wasn’t for you.”

Scott always wanted to have a podcast to help him spread his message, and change more lives.

But he didn’t know the first thing about podcasting.

He knew he couldn’t change his listeners’ lives worrying about all the behind-the-scenes work that would devour his time.

That’s why he delayed starting his podcast for so long. Until one day, Mike Fallat, Scott’s ghostwriter for one of his books, told him to check out The Podcast Factory®.

At The Podcast Factory®, we took everything Scott didn’t want to do off his plate. Scott didn’t have to worry about editing, publishing, promoting, or creating the artwork for his podcast. Instead, we handled all that behind-the-scenes work for him. So he could focus on changing more lives. 

I love that all I have to do is hit the play button and record and you do the rest.”

Scott Hudspeth

Millionaire Loan Officer

Scott also loves the “Power Clips” we create for his show. Each episode, he gets a quote and a video snippet so he can post it on social media to get more attention..

Not only does Scott love these “Power Clips,” but his guests on The Millionaire Loan Officer podcast love the visibility boost it gives them too.

Scott 100% recommends The Podcast Factory® to anyone who wants to start a podcast but doesn’t want to think about any of the behind-the-scenes work.

“What’s the 20% that makes you 80% of your money? It’s not doing all the behind-the-scenes stuff — editing, artwork, power clips, and videos. What could you be doing instead of doing all that stuff that could get you one more sale? The more stuff I can get off my plate, the more I can focus on the people that really need me.”

If you want to expand your reach with a podcast and change more of your customers’ lives, we want to help you.

We’ll take all the “busy work” off your plate so you can focus on the 20% that makes you 80% of your money.

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