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“I’m never doing this again!”
That’s what Justin Wise of the marketing agency Think Digital, and host of the Think Digital
podcast, said recalling how he felt after ending his previous podcast – one he’d concepted and
produced on his own.… READ MORE

Is your time worth at least $1k per hour?
You could be losing a fortune not focusing on the back-end!
Nobody knows your business like you do, right?
You know your clients and customers.
You’re an expert at solving their problems.… READ MORE

Sales calls are like sport fishing: first you’ve got to have a general idea of where the fish are, then you’ve got to have the right bait, and when the timing and positioning is right, you get a bite.… READ MORE

If you’re real honest with yourself, you know your best customers are craving more … more attention, more service and more value. But what does giving it all to them require of you?

If you’d rather read, here’s a quick transcript of our conversation with Kyle Newell
Jonathan:What would have stopped you from starting your podcast?
Kyle: It would have been just me procrastinating, which was the case before I met you.… READ MORE

Of the many people who want to be entrepreneurs, few take the risk and even fewer succeed. The handful of those who take the plunge understand the insane amount of time it takes for a business to become successful, let alone the challenges and hardship faced along the way.… READ MORE

A quick story for you today.
When Ben Settle was ready to grow his audience he knew that Podcasting would be the answer.
There were a couple of problems though…
First, he didn’t know anything about the tech stuff and didn’t want to learn.… READ MORE

Check it.
When we asked James J. Jones from the “Selling on Azon” show what would have stopped him from getting his podcast on the air, here’s what he said:
“I had no clue how to do podcasts to begin with, how to do the audio.… READ MORE

Tell me if this sounds familiar.
You’re constantly looking for ways to grow you business and reach more people.
You’re already super busy running things.
You know you gotta find a way to connect with people otherwise things will dry up and you’ll be back to the drawing board.… READ MORE

Today I wanted to share a quick story with you about a women who had a lot to say, but wasn’t sure anyone would want to listen.
After hearing her on an interview I knew people were going to love her.
We got together to talk about how she could reach more people to promote her coaching service, but she was concerned she didn’t have the time to do it.… READ MORE

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