Have a podcast in 30 days

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Is your time worth at least $1k per hour?

You could be losing a fortune not focusing on the back-end!

Nobody knows your business like you do, right?

You know your clients and customers.

You’re an expert at solving their problems.

And the value they receive … the income you earn … is based on the time you invest solving those problems.

So, isn’t every moment you spend focused on anything other than how to best serve your clients actually costing you money?

Of course, you’ve got to market and create content to grow your business – and the right kind of podcast is a great way to do that.

But producing a high-quality, strategically-planned show can cost you tens of hours each week.

The Podcast Factory wants to save you from making this costly mistake so you can focus on what makes the cash register ring.

Marquel Russell, internet marketer, coaching consultant and host of the Results over B.S. podcast, knows the value of podcasting.

He’s produced two other shows on his own, and he says working with The Podcast Factory saves him at least $4,000 in opportunity cost each month.

“ … If I can just whip up my phone and create content, or get on video and create content and I just upload it and send it to you then you do the editing, you do the leveling, you do the show notes, you make sure it's uploaded on my page on time, you make sure it's on iTunes and all different places – I know all that stuff has to be done … I don't have to worry about any of that? I mean, ‘it's a no-brainer.’”

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Are you ready to save nearly $50k in the next twelve months, perhaps even more?

You’re smart. You could figure out how to strategize content and delivery, and produce an effective, timely and relevant podcast. But wouldn’t it be so much easier and cost-effective to simply work with the best, most efficient and highest-recommended done-for-you service that so many other top-performers swear by?

If you’re ready to convert more of your valuable hours to serving your clients and bringing in more money, let’s talk about how we can help free you up from the time-consuming backend of podcasting to grow your market.

Reach out to us at: http://ThePodcastFactory.com/call to set up brief time to chat, today.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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