Who else likes easy sales?

Dan Barrett

REI Marketing Nerds

We definitely find that people that listen to the podcast and get on the phone with us are much easier sells.

Running a profitable business is hard work.

It eats up your time and stresses you out.

It takes a toll on your family – if you’re still doing things the hard way.

Just imagine your perfect clients showing up pre-sold - credit card in hand and ready to buy before you even say one word.

Dan Barrett, founder of the marketing firm Adwords Nerds and host of the REI Marketing Nerds podcast, doesn’t have to imagine it.

He says not only has working with The Podcast Factory been easy, it’s made his sales process easier, too.

We definitely find that people that listen to the podcast and get on the phone with us are much easier sells.

We know that if we can get them to listen to an episode... even if they don’t subscribe"

They’re much more … likely to be open to working together.

Dan Barrett

REI Marketing Nerds

Dan’s even taken to emailing episodes to his client lists and people who might be on the fence.

He advertises the podcast to those who have gone through his sales funnel from other channels but haven’t pulled the trigger.

He says his prospects are hungry for content that directly addresses their interests in his highly competitive market.

His podcast is a system for creating ideal clients who already know and trust him.

Wouldn’t you like to create more of your ideal clients, too?

Even better, what if getting them was ... easy?

When you work with The Podcast Factory,

We put you on rails and give you the most direct path to reaching your ideal clients.

Then, in just 20 minutes per week, we create an asset that knocks out objections one episode at a time.

Then you'll be closing sales – almost on auto-pilot – because your listeners will be indoctrinated and ready to work with you from the start.

Listen to the rest of Dan’s story below

Want easier sales?

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