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If you’re real honest with yourself, you know your best customers are craving more … more attention, more service and more value. But what does giving it all to them require of you?


But you’ve already sacrificed time with your children and family – hoping you’ll get it all back once your business has finally “made it”.

It’s a real dilemma. If you’re not satisfying your customer’s desire for more and deeper engagement, someone else soon will be. But how can you continue to do more while still being the spouse and parent that you truly want to be?

The Podcast Factory can help

We did for Cherylanne Skolnicki. Her Brilliant Balance podcast has formed a steady stream of new customers and solidified her as “the coach” for highly-driven women who need help expertly balancing their busy homes and careers. This success coach has taken her own medicine and by devoting just two hours per month to working with The Podcast Factory she now spends less time marketing her business.

“What I would say I appreciate the most is that they understand the entire ecosystem, and they tell me exactly where I need to plug in … It keeps me doing what I do best, and feeling confident that all the other pieces are being handled”

To listen to the rest of Cherylanne’s interview, Click the PLAY button on the player below:


Just like Cherylanne, you can take back the time with your family. Schedule a call with The Podcast Factory to see how we can help.

You can have your podcast on auto-pilot, and be creating a steady stream of new clients while giving your best clients the deeper engagement they crave, all in the next 60 days with our help.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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