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“I’m never doing this again!”

That’s what Justin Wise of the marketing agency Think Digital, and host of the Think Digital
podcast, said recalling how he felt after ending his previous podcast – one he’d concepted and
produced on his own.

With a background in radio, Justin originally thought producing a 20-minute podcast would be a
lot like hosting a radio show: you show up, you do the show and you’re done.

He knows better, now …

“You’ve got to come up with the concept, artwork, theme, show notes, if you’re going to do it
right. You have to get it uploaded to iTunes, to Stitcher, to YouTube, to all these different
platforms … You have to produce it. You have to publicize it. And it takes way longer than 20

Justin would spend three to four hours producing each episode, and while he says he actually
enjoyed the work, he ultimately realized …

“I’ve got to go focus on growing my business, not producing a podcast.”

Especially when just having a podcast doesn’t mean it’s actually going to be valuable for your

But when he found a few people he trusted were already using The Podcast Factory to produce
their shows and were seeing amazing business results, Justin caught the podcasting bug again.

“I can just open my mic and do that 20 or 30 minute talking and be done with it. That’s what,
number one, JR told me he could take care of. Most importantly, that’s what he and his team
have taken care of.”

Justin also says those 20 to 30 minutes spent with The Podcast Factory reap weeks worth of
marketing content for his agency.

Catch the rest of Justin’s story by clicking PLAY on the player at the top of this page.

Grow your business in only
20 minutes per week

If you’re like Justin, you know you need to invest your time into growing your business instead of producing podcast episodes. But you also know the right podcast can be effective for gaining the authority and influence to you need to stand out.

The Podcast Factory can make creating amazing and valuable weekly content simple. Book your call now to find out how we can plug this system into your business.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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