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In sports, defense wins championships. And in retirement investing, diversification wins exotic vacations and a fulfilling retirement.
When you’re young, you have room to play offense and take risks.READ MORE

There’s a popular retirement advertisement that asks “what’s your retirement number?” Most retirees agree that having a higher retirement number through saving is better than having a lower number. READ MORE

If you’ve ever invested or talked about the market, you’ve likely heard about the “Dow Jones.” Yet, few people have an understanding of what that is or how it started.
The Dow watches over some of the biggest and most prominent companies in the country.… READ MORE

Looking for the best financial advisor is more complicated than you think. And you’re going to have a lifelong relationship with them, you need someone who is about more than the numbers.
Having a plan that never runs out of cash starts with an advisor who knows how to best serve you.… READ MORE

To avoid running out of money in retirement, you have to be realistic about how much you save and spend. And if you aren’t realistic with your money, the entire plan could fall apart.
Retirement is about knowing how much you need, not how much you make right now.READ MORE

Not knowing how much money to contribute to retirement seems like a small problem, but has the potential to damage your finances for a lifetime. And you don’t want to be stuck in your retirement years counting pennies and avoiding vacations.READ MORE

Everyone has debt, but no one likes to talk about it. And you might feel so overwhelmed by the idea of organizing finances that you ignore them altogether…which makes your stack of bills taller and more unbearable.READ MORE

You might be thinking you don’t have enough money to invest in the stock market. Maybe you believe it’s “not the right time.” But here’s the secret – there’s never a perfect time.READ MORE

Having a financial portfolio can grow and protect your wealth for generations to come…but designing one with the least amount of risk is where most people fail. 
Having a portfolio in and of itself is not going to protect your money.READ MORE

There is one thing that can helps you weatherany storm in life – and that’s a financial plan. 
While it’s normal to worry about when things don’t go well (whether it’s a job loss, a pandemic, or both), there are strategies you can use to combat the stresses of finances with rationality rather than emotions. READ MORE

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