“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

Content is King (yes, even for a jewelry brand).
And when your content is marketed the right way, you can easily connect with those perfect customers…you know the ones who keep coming back for more?… READ MORE

A recent NY Times Article announced that Conde Nast is selling off 3 of its publications due to a shrinking pool of advertisers and changes in the way content is consumed…
…which in recent times isn’t so much on the printed page.… READ MORE

I’m often asked: what does it really take for an emerging jewelry brand | designer | maker to successfully sell jewelry online?
It requires 4 things:
A Can Do Attitude
Here’s why: There’s a lot of strategy “conversion nuance” involved in getting customers to actually buy from your jewelry website or online channels.… READ MORE

Following trends with your new collection is a great way to get inspired for Spring 2019.
No matter what kind of jewelry you create, you can show these trends in your designs.
It’s always fun to see how other designers are applying trends to their work!… READ MORE

Think you can’t keep a secret?
The blogger behind A Thousand Facets has hidden her identity for almost 9 years on her blog!
It’s so cool because she’s a big time blogger, but no one knows the woman behind the words.… READ MORE


Want the inside scoop on how fashion editors discover new brands?
I’ve got you!
Sometimes editors feel impossible to reach because you put them on a pedestal.
They’re people just like you and me – and they use the internet to research brands.… READ MORE

When you want to scale your jewelry business – you start seeing new problems to solve.
It’s true, more money…more problems!
Not exactly more, but different problems for sure.
The biggest your business, the different challenges you’ll face.… READ MORE

How we feel about ourselves and what kind of lens we view business through shapes our ability to actually succeed.
Working that inner confidence muscle is exactly what our guest is going to help us work through today.… READ MORE

But what it lacks in flash, it makes up for in substance…and sales!
The best part about using LinkedIn to grow your jewelry sales is that people are already in the business mindset when they’re on the site.… READ MORE

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