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Episode #187

Have you heard the saying: Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems?


It’s the idea that your problems don’t go away when you have more money (or your business grows).




When my first company was growing, I used to throw money at problems. Uhh…bad idea.


All that did was make me broke because the money I was spending was NOT an investment in the growth of the company.


Trying to scale a business during an economic downturn with -$2.02 in the bank was interesting…but it was a gift.


You know what happened? I was forced to be creative.


Creative with cash flow. Creative with strategy. Creative with my time.


Using my creativity to problem solve, got me exposure on shows like American Idol, got me out of a pickle with QVC, and helped me land some of my biggest accounts, like the Sundance Catalog.


When you’re cash flow and resources are tight, you gotta be scrappy. And that’s where creativity comes in.


Your creativity is NOT just something you use to make beautiful jewelry. Your creativity your biggest asset to grow your business.


And since you’re always going to have business problems, it’s time to tap into your innate creative genius to solve them when they come up.


It starts with today’s episode on the Thrive by Design Podcast (it’s part of the visionary series I’m doing over at Creatives Rule the World): #187 Visionary Series: Tips to Creatively Solve Problems in Your Business.

Listen to today’s episode here…




When you’re in the middle of a disaster, it’s really hard to think. Yeah, trying to be creative when a $4000 customer shipment is lost in Canada Post… Not the easiest time to come up with ideas.


Plus, forcing your brain to be creative is nearly impossible. Some people master it, but most people just come up with bad ideas (when under pressure) that cause more destruction.


Make creative days or creative blocks of time to be creative. Don’t try to cram this into a 30-minute window. Block out hours of time in the morning or evening. Claim one day a week and use that as your creative day to work on the ideation and projects that fuel ideas.




When you’re in the granular day to day of your business, it’s easy to be reactive. As the creative director and founder of your (jewelry) company, it’s your job to create the vision for growth for your business.


If you really want to spend most of your time being creative, you MUST know where you’d like to go…even if it feels like a fantasy.


Having a clear idea of the outcome you’re trying to achieve also inspires an opportunity to creatively problem-solve. Mind-map, brain dump and keep your ideas handy. You may never look at them again, yet they might provide invaluable inspiration in a pinch.




Typically business problems involve people at the other end. Whether it’s an employee, a contractor or a customer, use your creative problem-solving ability to make it a win-win for both sides.


If you’re late on an order that’s a risk of canceling, offer your customer a small discount or free shipping to save the sale. WIN-WIN.


If you don’t reach your goals and can’t pay employee bonuses, create a new incentive or restructure the bonus to reward them for their hard work and build morale.


The list is endless and I have at least 7 more ways to make creative problem solving a breeze in your biz.
Listen to the rest of my tips in the episode!


Hopefully, they inspire you to think differently about how your creativity plays a part in your business growth.


You’ll never stop having business problems. Use your right brain to solve your way out of them.


Good news, m’dear, creatives rule the world and you’re one of them.


xo, Tracy




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