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I am constantly blown away by the resilience and creativity from the designers in our community.
Twyla Dill is one radiant example.
While living in Turkey, Twyla learned how to make Oya, a delicate lace crocheted from thread.… READ MORE

We both know that selling at shows can be back-breaking work, m’dear. And it doesn’t get easier as you get older… trust me.
Plus, what would happen to your biz if you had to take a break and couldn’t attend shows?… READ MORE

What makes a jewelry designer successful?
Is it talent? Hard work? Luck?
Not even close! If being talented and working hard was all it takes to make it in the jewelry biz… most jewelry designers would be successful.… READ MORE

Are you struggling to come up with content ideas for your brand? I’m here to help…
When someone buys from you, it’s your chance to build a relationship and gain a loyal customer. Content is an empowering way to do that – and it can be repurposed over and over!… READ MORE

Ever wonder how you’re supposed to convert people who land on your website into actual paying customers?
There’s so much talk about getting more website traffic, but there’s a big piece missing in this convo!… READ MORE

Slowly but surely, summer is winding down…
In our industry, the summer season is often one of plans and strategy.
With the busy holidays ahead, I’m gonna guess you’ve been thinking about how to ramp up your sales this year.… READ MORE

For most designers, making a $100,000 salary is what it will take for you to quit your job or achieve your goals.
I hear it all the time. “Tracy, I want to make $100,000 a year. What does it really take?” The truth is, it’s… complicated.… READ MORE

Wanna know what’s crazy? Business owners notoriously underutilize their email list. They’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity for growth.
This week I chatted with the clever and energetic Tarzan Kay!… READ MORE

I am so thrilled about this week’s guest, you guys! She’s the kind of woman who talks the talk and walks the walk.
Before getting into jewelry, Meri Geraldine worked as a sustainability consultant. But after having her daughter, she wanted to be able to work from home.… READ MORE

Today’s topic is very close to my heart: recession-proofing your business.
If you’ve listened to my story, you know my first business got wiped out by the Great Recession of 2008.
I used to carry a lot of shame about it until a good friend of mine made me see the light.… READ MORE

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