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Yes, you can sell your jewelry online!


Or have you been doubting yourself?

We all feel great doing what we know…but why is it so hard to pivot out of our routines?


The real big struggle is when you get too caught up working “in” your business that you can't decipher the right activities you should be doing to build your online business.


Sometimes people make it soooo complicated… I’ve been guilty of this too.


Take my friend, designer Chelsea Farmer, for example.


She is someone who has done an incredible job at creating an amazing user experience for her customers.


But she’s said to me once, “I'm afraid to send out an email because we're going to get so many orders I don't know what to do.”


Not all problems are bad problems.


It's really easy as business owners to fall back into what we know instead of welcoming the unknown.


What IF your email list blows up with sales? Or what IF you don’t get more than a couple of sales a week?


It’s time we rethink your approach to running a business and think about how you can maximize your time.


I’m here to help you get more customers buying from your website so that you can continue building every single year and train people to actually buy from you online.




Most people think that the best way to market their jewelry is through social media.


But that is secondary…


What should come first is building your email list. Are you requesting for people to opt-in on your website? You should always be building your email list.


Every single person who's ever bought a piece of jewelry from you before should be on there. Why not?!


And for the people already on your email lists: offer a referral opportunity. This is a great way for you to build loyalty. Every five referrals can be followed by a tracking link for someone who opts in. Why not offer five points towards a piece of jewelry on your website?


This is a great incentive to get people and their friends involved in your brand.


I’ve also talked about different opt in ideas for your website on Thrive by Design Episode number 138!




SEO, Pinterest, YouTube and the typical social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all really more passive ways to build your list.


Get previous customers, friends and family can to help spread the word about what you're doing.


Transfer your existing customers or existing sales from Etsy (with their permission) over to your email list, and watch your social media become valid.


If all you are doing is posting jewelry and you're not doing something to try and get people actually on your email list with your social media, you're making a BIG mistake.




Now you’ve got your list (don’t worry if it isn’t a long list..yet!)


And you’ve got your social media platforms fully loaded with content and opportunities to opt-in…


What are you prepared to say to everyone now that you’ve got their attention?


As you're building your email list, make sure you have an automated email sequence on the front end building that “know”, “like” and “trust” factor.


This is something that we work on intensely with our SOS students. Helping everyone get their nurture sequence setup.


Think about what your objectives are in your business. Is it to make sales or is it something else?


Think strategically about how you’re emailing people. Are you just sending them to events? That's not the same as sending them to products to buy on your site.


If you're not sending sales promotion emails, then you're not going to get sales.


But if you're only doing sales promotion emails, then you're going to get unsubscribed.


It's about finding that balance between the two — between nurture content, know, like, trust, social proof.


If you feel like you’re struggling to make consistent sales online, I want to help you get back on track…


Let’s get selling!




P.S. At the end of April I will be hosting an exclusive 10-week workshop along with several experts that will teach you exactly how to train your customers to buy from you online. Be one of the firsts to apply here!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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