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Imagine this: You get your resume into the right hands. You get to interview with key decision makers from the company of your dreams. You prepare well, you do the interview, and you nail it.
Mission accomplished, right?READ MORE

Last time we talked about how to nail phone interviews.
And to stay on topic, let’s continue mastering other virtual ways of conducting an interview: Video and Skype.
If you think Skype is the future, you’re wrong.READ MORE

Having distributed teams is a common thing for many companies today. And sometimes their entire organisation is completely virtual.
As a consequence, doing phone interviews throughout the whole process is becoming more and more common.READ MORE

As you progress through your career you will come across some hiring managers that are inexperienced in conducting interviews.
However, even if the person evaluating you has never done this before, you still need to win them over.  READ MORE

“Don’t you think you are overqualified for this job?”
How many times have this happened to you: You thought the interviews was going great, you’ve been asked to come back for a second or third interview and then, all of a sudden, the question pops up.READ MORE

There’s one interview question candidates fear the most, and that is the elusive “So, tell me about yourself…”
It doesn’t matter how far up the ladder you’ve climbed, everyone hates it, but the way you react to it and the answer you give can be extremely telling of your ability for an executive role.READ MORE

If you have a career of any kind you have probably used an Elevator Pitch before.
Sometimes, a great elevator pitch could literally mean a new career opportunity for you. And if you feel your pitch doesn’t sound natural and personal enough, or you never know quite what to say… then today’s episode is a must-listen!READ MORE

Welcome to episode 25!
Today you’ll learn three most common questions (and how to answer them properly!) hiring managers use when they want to determine if you’re a good cultural fit for their company.READ MORE

We talk about STAR and CAR interview methods today.
You’ll discover the best way you can use them to help you prepare for any kind of interview you’ll have in the future.
And by the end of the episode you’ll understand why these two tactics alone can help you become so confident… you can literally turn into a job offer magnet!READ MORE

This episode is all about how best to prepare – mentally – for your next job interview.
Specifically, you’ll learn how to get ready for all those terrifying questions that make your heart race and knees shake.READ MORE

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