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Have you ever wondered what it takes to land a c-level role?
In today’s podcast you’ll discover the six steps that can take you there.
These six steps will better your chances of moving from an executive to C-level role within the organization.READ MORE

At the top of the skill set for any C-Suite position is recognizing and navigating change. A required quality that enables you to do that successfully is strategic, curious thinking, and this can only come from a healthy sense of curiosity.READ MORE

Most executives and professionals are uncomfortable promoting themselves and tooting their own horn at work.
The biggest worry is to be seen as aggressive attention seeker or have their coworkers think they’re putting others down to get ahead.READ MORE

Most executives and professionals are uncomfortable tooting their own horn at work. They don’t want to brag or don’t want coworkers to think they’re putting others down by promoting themselves.
But the simple truth is, you DO need to self promote if you want to stay relevant for new opportunities.READ MORE

Two of the most common questions I hear job seekers ask are:
“How am I supposed to look for a job, when I am employed?” or, “Finding a job is a full-time job…and I already have a job. How am I supposed to do this?”
And I get it.READ MORE

Most people think their biggest asset is their home or investments.
But the truth is, the biggest asset you have is your career. Most likely, your career will generate you the largest income over your lifetime.READ MORE

There is a common misconception about what executive job security really means.
Most people think that in order to have job security you need to stay with a company for 20+ years, but nothing can be further from the truth.READ MORE

Studies show that the average salary increase hovers at around a measly 3% raise.
Understanding how to ask for a raise and being able to negotiate a salary increase is a professional skill everyone needs to master.READ MORE

Many popular job search coaches give you the same advice: “Hold out and never say your salary expectations when asked!”
But here’s the thing. This works in an ideal world and the reality is usually very different.READ MORE

Have you ever been thrown off balance when you were asked, “What kind of salary are you looking for…” and you didn’t know how to answer?
Being able to react (and answer!) the salary question professionally is yet another way to make a strong impression and convey your value and your confidence in your abilities.READ MORE

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