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There is a common misconception about what executive job security really means.

Most people think that in order to have job security you need to stay with a company for 20+ years, but nothing can be further from the truth.

On today’s podcast we’re going to discuss the ABCs of executive job security and you’ll learn how to achieve it even in today’s tumultuous economic climate.

Show highlights:

– The one thing that instantly makes you unemployable and how to avoid it. (1:44)

– How to set yourself apart from you competition without bragging. (2:33)

– The biggest mistake executives make that causes job search struggle. (3:30)

– A simple shift to your mindset that leads you to a successful continuous career. (5:16)

Even if you’re currently working, you MUST take proactive steps to ensure you can always land an executive role. You want to maintain your lifestyle no matter what’s going on in the world.

And if you feel that you need more guidance with personalized coaching, then hop over to http://executivejobsecurity.com for more details.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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