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Most people think their biggest asset is their home or investments.

But the truth is, the biggest asset you have is your career. Most likely, your career will generate you the largest income over your lifetime. No property or investment can ever match that.

And if you manage your career properly, you can maximize raises, bonuses and perks for each new role you land.

On today’s podcast we’re going to list the 8 moves high performing executives do to protect their career in a merger or acquisition. This list will help you remain proactive so you can stay ahead without headaches no matter what happens.

Show highlights:

– The one mindset you need to adopt that can put you in a position of strength and help you negotiate better. (5:23 )

– How to present yourself effectively in the shifting environment. (6:42)

– Why your reputation is no longer relevant. (And what to do about it.) (7:36)

– Discover how to become indispensable to the new merger. (8:07)

– How to identify entry points into the new “power structure.” (8:56)

– What to do if you suspect you’re being “encouraged” to quit. (9:47)

Plus, if you want personalized coaching for your career to get you past any area you are struggling with, go to http://executivejobsecurity.com for more info.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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