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Imagine this: You get your resume into the right hands. You get to interview with key decision makers from the company of your dreams. You prepare well, you do the interview, and you nail it.

Mission accomplished, right? Wrong!

Savvy executives know that the interviewing process continues well after the actual interview is over. It all comes down to how well you do the follow-up.

Making the right moves after your interview will reinforce your position as the best candidate and will uphold that good first impression you made on the interviewer.

In other words, if you want to “seal the deal” you must continue your follow-up appropriately and professionally.

On today’s podcast we are going to discuss the most effective strategies for your follow-up that can help you get the offer and position you as the only choice!

Show highlights:

– The one thing you must do BEFORE the interview ends. (2:42)

– How to quickly set yourself apart from the competition AFTER the interview. (4:50)

– How to avoid being annoying and the only right way to do follow-ups. (6:13)

– What to do when you don’t hear back from the company. (8:40)

– The one tactic that can persevere your sanity and give you greater chance of success. (11:30)

For more interview preparation resources, go to http://interviewprepsheet.com and download your free Interview Prep Sheet. And if you think you need more personal help from our team then hop over to http://pretendyourefiredtoday.com/coaching for more details.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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