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If you prospect on LinkedIn, you probably know about the Social Selling Index (SSI). It’s a metric LinkedIn uses to evaluate how well you perform on their platform. The higher, the better. 
But a high SSI isn’t all there is to getting clients on LinkedIn.READ MORE

Here’s an unfortunate truth about being a financial advisor: Unless you build a marketing machine that attracts leads on autopilot, you’ll always have to cold-call strangers, attend networking events or write postcards to strangers. READ MORE

When you hear of LinkedIn marketing, email marketing, blogging and so many other marketing strategies, they all have one thing in common: You have to write. 
If you’re not a good writer (or just hate doing it), you might give up on those strategies.READ MORE

There’s a lot of sales, marketing and prospecting tactics out there. Many of them work. But here’s the cold, hard truth: Most of them only work in the short term. And once a tactic stops working, many financial advisors scramble to find the next cool thing. READ MORE

Most financial advisors are great at setting goals like “Build a six figure business”, “only work with awesome clients” or “get 15 new clients this year”. But most advisors fall way short of their goals.READ MORE

Wanting power strikes many people as nefarious, dark and unethical. But if you let people walk all over you, your business will struggle under all the pressure you let others put on you. 
While you should absolutely put your clients first, nobody wins if you hate your own business because you’re a people pleaser. READ MORE

Every once in a while, a “gold rush” the financial advisor world erupts into a “gold rush”: One advisor gets a bunch of clients on one marketing platform. He tells everyone about it, people get excited and overrun the platform until nobody on there wants to hear from financial advisors anymore.… READ MORE

When you watch pretentious “gurus” on social media, you’ll often hear them talk about how being nice and making everyone happy leads to abundance and wealth. 
While that’s a fun idea, it’s simply not true.READ MORE

When it comes to entertainment, the A-listers don’t need an introduction. You know Leo, Angelina, Brad and Scarlett (even without their last names). These are the people movie producers pay top dollar for.READ MORE

Rejection hurts. It’s one of the most painful things when a lead tells us they never want to hear from us again. Or when an enthusiastic prospect works with a competitor instead. 
But rejection doesn’t have to ruin your day.READ MORE

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