“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

If you’re wildly ambitious, an above-average income won’t cut it. While normal people would hate you for it, there’s no shame in wanting to get rich. Giving your kids a life you never had, taking your spouse on exotic vacations and driving the car you’ve always wanted?… READ MORE

You’ve probably made some bad emotional decisions in your life. Whether you bought something you couldn’t afford, moved cross-country for a bad relationship or keep eating tasty, unhealthy food.… READ MORE

Many successful businesspeople will tell you to get a mentor. And maybe you’ve been looking for someone to take you under their wing, to help you become who you need to be.
But what if that’s a waste of time?… READ MORE

The most common questions financial advisors ask themselves are “How can I get more clients?”, “How can I get more money?” and “How can I have more free time?”.
You’ve probably noticed those don’t help you reach your goals.… READ MORE

You’re probably worried. Clients could abandon you. “closed” leads might not come through anymore. You may even need a desk job soon.
All of that’s scary, but you have a choice. Right now, you can choose to hunker down in self-pity—or seize the giant opportunity in this crisis.… READ MORE

As a financial advisor heading out on your own, you’ve got a lot of obstacles in your way:
Skeptical prospects, competition, overwhelm, the list goes on.
But none of these things can slaughter your business as fast as the enemy we’ll talk about today.… READ MORE

You’re probably a knowledgeable, effective and trustworthy financial advisor. You know you’ll take good care of your clients’ capital.
But even with all your skills, you can’t afford to be boring.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors are good at their craft, but aren’t great at generating leads and turning them into clients. There’s one sweet-sounding alternative to generating leads: Buying them.… READ MORE

Organization is no sexy topic. But it’s essential for financial advisors. Many financial advisors forget meetings, abandon prospects and infuriate clients by not replying.
If you’re not organized, you’ll lose prospects, repel your clients and never feel the freedom you became an advisor for.… READ MORE

If you want to improve, you need to know what you’re bad at and how to do it better. But in business, your strengths and weaknesses aren’t always clear—you don’t know why a client left, a prospect ghosted you or a referral source dried up.… READ MORE

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