“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

If you’re a financial advisor, you know that most advisors fail. Meanwhile, a small elite gobbles up almost all the clients, revenue and authority. As a listener of this podcast, you want to join that small elite.… READ MORE

If you knew exactly what you had to do to make all your business dreams a reality—and the ability to just execute all of it, you could create any reality you want to.
But way too often, we’re not productive enough to execute.… READ MORE

Starting a conversation with a new prospect is great: You get the chance to help someone get their finances in order and you get the chance to make money yourself.
But then they hit you with objections, doubts and skepticism.… READ MORE

If you go on the internet and look for marketing tactics to get more clients, you’ll get tons of tips, tricks and hacks that promise to skyrocket your business and deliver you an endless flow of clients.… READ MORE

You can’t get clients without getting appointments first. But getting appointments is annoying. You have to find the right people to talk to, you need to get them to commit to an appointment, set a time, etc.… READ MORE

Whether you’re crushing your market or currently trying to attract clients right now, you run a business.
In any industry, there are losers and winners. The difference? Winners do different things than losers.… READ MORE

Your website is the home of your business online. Even prospects you’ve met in-person will often find your website to seek out additional info about you.
But not every website is successful. In fact, most websites don’t attract clients at all.… READ MORE

If you’ve been a financial advisor for some time, you know becoming a successful advisor is about much more than investments, sales, marketing and other business skills.
And that’s where most financial advisors fail: The mental side of being in business.… READ MORE

As a financial advisor looking for clients, the first thing you need is an appointment.
But if you’ve tried to get more appointments before, you’ve probably noticed: It’s not as easy as it looks.… READ MORE

If you’re like most financial advisors, you didn’t start your business for the money—you started it to live and work on your own terms.
Although freedom is the most common goal of financial advisors, it’s the least common reality.… READ MORE

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