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Referrals sound great: Existing clients send you new prospects who already trust you without wasting a dime on marketing. But referrals aren’t as great as they sound.
If you’re not careful, referrals will kill your business and have you searching for a new job.… READ MORE

You’ve heard all the business mantras, listened to every sales guru and read books rich people recommend.
But even though you know the exact steps to build the life you want, you’re not living it yet.… READ MORE

If you want more clients, you need more prospects. But if you’re talking to 20 prospects a day, you never get to create content, serve your clients and enjoy your freedom.
The truth is: You need fewer prospects than you might think to live your dream life.… READ MORE

If you’re a regular listener of this show, you’ve probably had a question pop into your head while listening.
In this episode, James answers questions from listeners, a privilege usually reserved for Inner Circle subscribers.… READ MORE

You spend a lot of time communicating with prospects, clients and business partners. And if you’re like most advisors, you get ignored at least half of the time.
It’s not because people hate you.… READ MORE

You’ll make more money serving wealthy people than any other clients. But if you’ve never met a millionaire, you probably don’t even know where to start meeting them.
But you can reach high net worth individuals the same way you reach anyone else: With a systemized approach, a clear goal and effective marketing.… READ MORE

Do you need more traffic NOW? Do you want free leads? A line around the block while the stock market tanks? And all of it by tomorrow?
You can’t. Sure, “gurus” out there sell you these pipe dreams, but nobody sees results from their courses, books and masterminds.… READ MORE

In normal times, it’s easy to go to the office, do your work and go home. But we’re not living in normal times. Clients want to liquidate assets. People are scared to invest.
The truth is: Anxiety, fear and crises contain the biggest business opportunities-if you can dig them up.… READ MORE

You know the feeling: A potential client you need to survive turns around and works with the rich advisor who already has tons of clients.
This hurts. Especially when you’re a better financial advisor than the other guy.… READ MORE

You’ve probably seen a ton of hacks, tricks and tactics which promise to skyrocket your business growth. If you’ve tried any of them, you know: Most of them don’t work.
These short-term fixes harm you more than they help.… READ MORE

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