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If you’re like most financial advisors, you didn’t start your business for the money—you started it to live and work on your own terms.
Although freedom is the most common goal of financial advisors, it’s the least common reality.… READ MORE

It’s easy to start a career or business all excited. It’s hard to surmount challenges, persist in the face of adversity and win in the long-term.
But years later, we say “Had I known that from the beginning, I would’ve skipped years of struggle.”
In this episode, you get 3 things which will give you that exact feeling.… READ MORE

Like most financial advisors, you probably started out excited, but quickly realized getting clients is hard. In that situation, most financial advisors go out and try to land every client they can find.… READ MORE

You’ve heard internet “experts” talk about giving value before doing business with someone. Following their advice might kill your business.
You can absolutely give value before you work with someone, but if you do it the wrong way (and at the wrong time), it sends your prospects to your competition and bankrupt you in the long-term.… READ MORE

Las Vegas is one of the cities most known for attracting people who have money to spend. The place these rich people usually spend their money: In the casinos.
Long story short: Casinos are amazing at making money.… READ MORE

If you’re currently struggling to add more clients to your business, it might sound impossible to land clients by next week.
But if you had to for your survival, you could. You’d surprise yourself with creativity and energy to land clients.… READ MORE

Who should you learn from when it comes to growing your business?
You could learn from all sorts of seminars, books and courses. And many of them are great.
But there’s a hidden treasure of knowledge you access when you’re able to learn business lessons from everyone and everything.… READ MORE

When you start out as a financial advisor, you’re hungry for success.
You start landing your first few clients, then a couple more—and suddenly you’re a successful financial advisor running a thriving business.READ MORE

Do you sometimes feel you can’t get it all done?
Between serving clients, growing your business and your private life, it’s easy to have more tasks in your head than you feel you could ever handle.
But some people DO get it all done.READ MORE

Building a business can be hard, especially in the beginning.
There are bills to be paid, clients to be served and if you’re new at this, you also have to grow into the mindset of a successful entrepreneur.
Many of the challenges financial advisors face are caused by 4 phrases they tell themselves and others.READ MORE

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