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What would you do if you were approaching retirement age and were stressed in your job?
Retire and take a paycut? Continue working and get burned out? Or pray to find a new employer who prefers experience over youth?… READ MORE

After years of stress and hard work, you may be finally considering retirement.
But you may have heard horror stories of retirees who end up bored and poor because they retired too soon.
So is the grass really greener on the other side?… READ MORE

Retirement is the toughest decision you will ever make. You’ve built a life around your career, a wealth of skills that are too good to throw away… and you’ve got money coming in.
When you retire, your life turns upside down.… READ MORE

When you leave the military, you lose three things: your sense of purpose, your sense of family and your source of income.
It’s easy to feel hopeless unless you have a strategy for adapting to civilian life.… READ MORE

The loss of a loved one is devastating, to say the least. 
The sad reality is that every year thousands of spouses are dying without a will- leaving their loved ones in grief, stuck and confused.
So how do you help someone in this situation? READ MORE

If you’re thinking about a successful retirement, that means you’ve been blessed with a lot in life. 
You’ve worked hard and now you’re in a position where you have money to spare. That’s worth being grateful for. READ MORE

Medicare can be a nightmare to navigate – no matter what those annoying Medicare ads try to tell you! 
When do you claim it? What if you want to keep working past 65? Part A? Part B? Part C? Part D?READ MORE

Have you ever noticed how common retirement advice ignores business owners?
Even if run-of-the-mill retirement advice makes financial sense, it can leave you emotionally unfulfilled.
It feels like most financial “gurus” forget that our business is a part of us.… READ MORE

Retirement is supposed to bring us our “golden years” where we can sit back without worrying. But no matter how much you’re looking forward to retirement, it can still be stressful.  
Because when you don’t have to work, you need to build a new life.READ MORE

Are you too young to do nothing at all? Have you sat in the comfy chair for too long? Are you bored out of your mind?
Your “golden years” don’t have to be decades spent in front of the TV. It can be a fulfilling time that lets you contribute to your community. READ MORE

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