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We make hundreds of decisions every day.
Some are minor, others are much more difficult. But with so many decisions streaming through your day, understanding how to prioritize them is essential to both your success and overall happiness.… READ MORE

Nobody likes to be criticized.
But your ability to handle criticism is essential to success. The more you experience success, the more people are going to be exposed to what you do – and not everybody is going to love it.… READ MORE

Generating wealth always starts with your intention to do it, but actually happens when you apply the right behaviours and actions. However, most people’s behaviours and actions don’t promote their financial success…and they do it without even realizing it.… READ MORE

This episode does exactly what it says on the tin…You’re going to discover how to write ridiculously persuasive copy that attracts, magnetic marketing that engages, and advertising that prompts your audience to take action.… READ MORE

How do you go from ground zero to 7-figures? A question many startup entrepreneurs ask, but fewer ever achieve. Traffic and Funnels ™ is one of them.
And in today’s show, Chris and Taylor pull back the curtain and break down exactly how they started and built their 7-figure business ‘machine’ from absolute scratch.… READ MORE

High performers and champions are admired and loved by millions.
They take full responsibility for their lives, adopt the right attitude and resilience to accomplish anything they set their mind to.… READ MORE

Fighter pilots have to work fast. They make split-second decisions and taking a fraction too long to make a decision can be the difference between life and death.
But what strategies do fighter pilots use in the most extreme situations to make decisions?… READ MORE

On first thoughts, combining forces with somebody who has complementary strengths to help grow your business seems like a great idea.
The famous saying goes ‘if you want to go fast, go alone and if you want to go far, go as a team…’ but how does this hold up when you’re deciding whether or not you should have a business partner?… READ MORE

What’s the most critical key to successful finances?
Changing the way you think about money.
If you hold an unhealthy relationship with money, you’re always going to find yourself hitting the invisible glass ceiling and never breaking through and ‘getting ahead.’
In this episode, Chris and Taylor share 3 mindset switches to improve your relationship with money so you can break free from the scarcity mentality that keeps 99% of people financially stagnant…or worse…broke.… READ MORE

It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. And when it comes to business, hiring just one rotten person could potentially ruin the whole team and hold you back from achieving success.
In today’s show, Chris and Taylor bring the FIRE and give you their inside scoop on hiring and firing in your business.… READ MORE

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