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It’s 2018, and the way people find and consume your content has certainly changed. But should you still be using webinars to generate leads while continuing to innovate and grow your client based business?… READ MORE

“It’s too expensive.”
“It’s not the right time.”
“I’ve got to run it past my spouse first.”
You’ve most certainly heard some of these common objections from your prospects. Understanding how to successfully address and knock down each objection is a fundamental skill for helping people achieve significant levels of success.… READ MORE

The word ‘risk’ means there’s a possibility you won’t receive a return on your investment – whether that’s time or money.
In your business, as a hungry entrepreneur looking to grow, risks need to be taken into account – especially the ones you’re going to learn about in this episode.… READ MORE

Burnout is a worldwide problem for entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs, and it can occur for many reasons; an incorrect vision, focusing on the wrong things, and falling into the ‘busy trap’ to name but a few.… READ MORE

If you have experience in a specific niche, then you’ve got a powerful resource you can easily turn into a highly profitable business.
It’s never been easier to establish yourself as an expert in your space – and get paid a high price premium for your knowledge.… READ MORE

Offering an outstanding client service is one of the most powerful marketing tools ever. And if you’re looking to build a successful business that takes care of its clients and gets them the best results, then the programs you offer must be of the highest value.… READ MORE

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to know what works for your business and what doesn’t.
All healthy businesses are profitable, but not all profitable businesses are healthy.
The business landscape can be unpredictable, and the only thing you can really guarantee is that everything will continuously change.… READ MORE

We rejoin the second of a special two-part episode where Taylor takes you behind the curtains of the Client Kit Program and shares one of his private coaching calls covering everything from:
– How to package and optimize your offer to attract more of your perfect clients (2:30)
– Simple skills to becoming a master of persuasion (9:00)
– Fine-tuning your marketing message to focus on your customer (19:00)
And much more!… READ MORE

The first of a very special two-part series pulled from one of Taylor’s private client coaching calls that covers everything on honing your offers to attract more of your perfect clients, how to write ridiculously persuasive copy and refining your sales message.… READ MORE

What you’re about to hear isn’t a typical Smartest Guys podcast. This is the first of a very special series pulled from one of Taylor’s private client coaching calls that covers everything on how to hack your own beliefs and improve mindset performance to survive the setbacks and thrive in business.… READ MORE

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