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During the startup and growth stages of any business, every Entrepreneur faces battles of different levels. Whether it’s understanding how to master sales or focusing on the culture of your environment – everybody faces battles they need to overcome.… READ MORE

Entrepreneurship is like parenting; no matter how much you talk about it, study it, or ask for advice, there simply is no substitute for rolling your sleeves up and actually doing it – and doing it correctly.… READ MORE

Across every market, many businesses have a universal set of highly-valued and meticulously-documented priorities. Some of which include money, resources, and materials. All extremely valuable and vital for business success.… READ MORE

On today’s episode, Taylor recaps a recent live Q&A, covering all things work/life balance, being a good husband and responsible business owner at the same time, getting people to believe in what you do and how to escape a bad mindset.… READ MORE

In this episode, special guest and client Tim shares his story as to how he started working with Chris & Taylor, turned his dreams into reality and how he has now taken his business to new levels he never thought would be possible.… READ MORE

Each day, we’re presented with all kinds of opportunities to grow. But if you’re the type of person who tries to minimize change, lives a low-risk, conservative life, then you’re actually taking an even greater by putting off those perceived ‘higher gambles.’
In today’s episode, Taylor shares the truth about risk and why playing it safe may cost you the most.… READ MORE

Being an Entrepreneur can often feel like you’re in the midst of a bloody battle as you strive to level up. It can be hard as hell and there’s no handbook on creating something out of nothing.
In this private training episode, Taylor shares how to conquer the TWO battles for success as an Entrepreneur (the second battle is where the majority of people lose).… READ MORE

Quit your job. Chase your dreams and pursue your passion. As entrepreneurship becomes increasingly popular, more and more people are trading in their mundane 9-5 routine in order to pursue more fulfilling work.… READ MORE

Self-investment is one of the best investments anyone can bet on with 100% guaranteed return and limitless success. It’s how the most successful people in the world have mastered the game by acquiring control from their skills.… READ MORE

There’s a big difference between being interested and being committed.
When you’re interested, you do it only when it is convenient. When you’re committed, you’re in it to win it, and you’ll do anything within your power to stay focused on your goal.… READ MORE

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