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During the startup and growth stages of any business, every Entrepreneur faces battles of different levels. Whether it’s understanding how to master sales or focusing on the culture of your environment – everybody faces battles they need to overcome.

In this episode, Chris and Taylor expose the barriers at every revenue level, and what you need to master in order to breakthrough to the next stage of your business’s growth.

Show Highlights:

– Prioritizing something far more important than revenue for your business (3:20)

– The only skill you need to consistently hit 10k/month in your business (7:25)

– How to smash through your glass ceiling of potential (9:00)

– What keeps a business stuck at 50k/month and what you need to focus on to make sure you avoid it (10:45)

– Why people retreat like hermit crabs when it comes to getting past 100k/month (15:20)

– The major disease of inaccurate thought processes (19:30)

– The only two key metrics you need to track in order to reach a 500k/month business revenue (21:40)

– When to NOT turn off your Facebook Ads and crank up your Ad spend (23:00)

An overrated yet undervalued principle that stings almost every Entrepreneur at the higher levels of growth (25:15)

Entrepreneurship never gets easier – you just get more skilled and have different devils to slay.


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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