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Find Out The Biggest Lie Guroobs are Telling You About Podcasting

Find Out The Biggest Lie Guroobs are Telling You About Podcasting

Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared by anyone.

Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared by anyone.

Getting consistent jewelry sales starts with people getting to know you as a brand and designer.
One way to do this is by sharing a brand video that tells your story in a compelling way.
Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to share your brand with people all around the world.… READ MORE

Instagram stories are more than circles on top of your feed!
You might be confused on how to use Instastories for your jewelry brand, but it’s actually quite simple and powerful when done right!
Getting people engaged with your content is a huge part of building brand recognition and turning followers into customers!… READ MORE

Getting started with your jewelry brand on Etsy is simple.
But attracting repeat customers can be really tricky!
Usually the reason people don’t buy consistently is because there’s no way for you to keep the conversation going after you made the first sale.… READ MORE

Email marketing is all about experimenting and adjusting to improve conversions.
It’s not just a one and done trick!
That’s why so many jewelry designers and makers get frustrated when they try to improve conversions in their email marketing.… READ MORE

What’s the best way to get more exposure for your jewelry business?
Getting featured by the media!
You might be thinking, “easier said than done!” but it’s actually not as mystifying as you think to get PR for jewelry designers!… READ MORE

Creating connection with your future customer is so easy when you create a brand video.
The most common myth I hear is “it’s too expensive!”
Absolutely not, m’dear!
I actually found a great deal on my brand video and used it for several years, so I got a really great value!… READ MORE

Having a healthy, growing email list is the number one way to grow your online jewelry business.
Maybe you heard me talk about this before, but seriously it’s true.
The main challenge, though, is getting people to actually sign up for your list!… READ MORE

Over time, as you evolve in your business, changes must be made.
Your goals are different, and your situation changes as your business grows.
It’s a good thing, though!
You become a different person than you were when you first started your business, right?… READ MORE

I’m rarely shocked…but what happens in today’s episode really surprised me.
I sat down for the third time with Marie Forleo. (Lucky me!)
And what she said had my mouth gaping open…
And I think you might be surprised too!… READ MORE

Getting organized is a huge factor in your business success. As a creative, it can be hard to know when to focus on what! I hear you, I actually struggle to focus on creative time because I know how important marketing is (especially when you’re selling online!) The key really is about balance, because you want to avoid burnout in both of these areas.… READ MORE

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