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Episode #181

Every year around this time, I reflect back on how I did…

This year was no different…


Always – ALWAYS – my reflection starts with my WINS! Girl, you crushed it!


Then I have to check myself re: the goals that I didn’t achieve.



  • Was I playing it too safe?
  • Was I pulling all the stops?
  • Did I really want “it” that bad?
  • Was it aligned with my vision?
  • Or were my beliefs about myself holding me from reaching my highest potential?


My practice helped me clear the energy of what I want to create in the coming year and the same is true for you too.


When I started planning my 2019, I created a little practice for myself that included 5 words to live by…


And I recorded a podcast about it to help YOU manifest your biggest hairy goals next year with these 5 words.


2019 is right around the corner and it’s time for you to make a decision for yourself…


Will this be the #bestyearever?


If it’s a HECK YES! Dive into today’s episode with into those 5 words now…


Flourish & Thrive Academy        
Thrive by Design Podcast – Episode #181          

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Getting clear on why something matters to you on a deeper level is the root of setting goals that matter. When your vision is backed with intention, there’s a reason behind why you want to achieve them.


When you do this right, you can dial this down into ONE word for the year that becomes the intention that sets the tone for your #BestYearEver.



Are you playing it too safe? Growth in business means that we must take chances and put yourself out there. Hiding under a rock isn’t going to allow you to grow.


Challenge yourself to stretch outside of your comfort zone. Do something every day that scares you!

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No victim mentality allowed next year! You’ve got to take responsibility for your goals and your vision. Hold yourself accountable for making the effort and doing the work it takes to build your best business and year.


You are responsible for your own success!


Listen in detail to the entire episode – don’t miss out on the last 2 words…


And we want to help YOU show up for your business this year!


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