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Episode #183What’s your word of the year?


My word of the year for 2019 is ELEVATE!


Last year, my word of the year was SIMPLIFY here’s why…

Have you ever felt that making money is hard because there are so many things you have to do to make your business work?


…no shame in honesty here because I’m 🙋🏻♀raising my hand, too.


Here’s an interesting idea…


What if simplifying your business was actually the EXACT thing that would make you more money this year.


I don’t know about you, but as a highly creative being, I have a tendency to make my business complicated. It was driving me crazy!


Maybe it’s because I’m a Visionary and I know that Visionaries get paid for their ideas.


More ideas, more offers, more money, right?


What if it the exact opposite was true? That simplifying your business was actually the quickest road to growing your sales and enjoying your life more?


I hope you have really big goals this year and you’re facing your fears to make your goals happen.


One of my mentors, Ryan Levesque, said to me several years ago that “more is just more,” instead we should be focused on….


Less But Better!


That shift was huge for me! I have so many ideas! It’s hard to know which are the best ones to move forward without driving my team absolutely bat s#!t 🦇💩crazy.


Today, I want to walk you through the Framework I’ve been refining to simplify all of my businesses. This Framework has helped me evaluate what’s really important, increase my revenue and sales and make my life easier.


You’ll also hear some inspiring stories of designers we’ve worked with. They started out by taking our Laying the Foundation Course and have built 6 to multiple 6 figure businesses.


I’m excited for you to dive into EP183: How to Simplify Your Business to Make More Money This Year   



I used to start my year off with some resolutions or intentions that weren’t founded in what mattered most to me. Make a practice of asking yourself the right questions on the regular.


Start now and revisit these key questions (mentioned in the episode) regularly. They will help you get crystal clear on why things matter to you.




Even if you’re bored hearing about goal setting and action taking, you need to know what the big picture looks like for you. This allows you to simplify with clarity and focus by breaking down your big goals into 90-Day (Quarterly) sprints. And then backing those up with actionable tasks.


We know this works because it’s part of the framework and focus of our SOS coaching program. Focus and simplicity equal lots of success.


Dream bigger than you usually do, because we’ll make big things happen. In the episode, I give you focus on the things that matter most. And clarify why your big picture goals matter to you in the grand scheme of things.




Your products are what might initially catch your DREAM customer’s eye, yet your story is what actually sells. It’s not all about YOU though.


Donald Miller talks about making your customers the HERO of your story. To create a story that sells, you must find the alignment between your why, what matters most to your customers and create the desired journey of your brand that hooks your raving fans for the long haul.


We share the foundation of this in the episode and dive deep in the Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp.




How many days and months have you wasted not getting things done? I’m going to get all “Tough Love Tracy” on you right now. If your business isn’t growing, you aren’t spending your time in the right place.


Drive this home any way possible. Spend your time on the very FEW things that actually grow your business. Stop doing all the rest.




I remember the days that I would avoid looking at my sales or even my bank account for that matter. Money and finances created so much anxiety that I truly believed avoiding it all together was better than knowing the truth.


Until I changed and realized: Knowledge is power!


Own your money and sales. Look at your accounts regularly. Grasp where the money is actually streaming in from in your business.


The episode is a fun one and I have a lot more in-depth tips for each segment and more…


Can’t wait to help you ELEVATE your brand and business this year!



xo, Tracy





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