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Getting organized is a huge factor in your business success. As a creative, it can be hard to know when to focus on what! I hear you, I actually struggle to focus on creative time because I know how important marketing is (especially when you’re selling online!) The key really is about balance, because you want to avoid burnout in both of these areas.… READ MORE

I’ll admit it, I love learning new things!
I’m always on the hunt for a new business book or podcast.
Plus, I can’t help but share my favorite finds with friends and biz besties!
Today I put together my ultimate reading list that will totally blow your mind.… READ MORE

So many designers ask me how to focus on what really matters in business.
It can be hard, and I’ll admit I used to get distracted super easily and it hurt my sales because I couldn’t stay on track!
Which is why I love doing, Ask Tracy Q&A on the podcast!… READ MORE

Want to turn your passion for jewelry design into a “real” career?
Not sure where to start?
The best way to grow your business is to get the right customers!
On today’s episode I’m chatting about how to stop attracting bargain shoppers!… READ MORE

Lots of designers are looking for ways to get more consistent jewelry sales in their business.
But where do you get the right advice?
It seems like everyone has an opinion when it comes to your business… friends, family, random guys at the coffee shop?… READ MORE

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
I am so thrilled about today’s episode!
11 key elements of a remarkable brand story, I know 11 sounds like a lot but trust me it’s totally doable.… READ MORE

I can’t believe it but this is the last episode of this year!
So crazy right?!
If you want 2018 to be different from your “same old” routine…you gotta find a way to shake up your life!
I always love New Year’s and having a fresh start!… READ MORE

Every year we love to start out with a bang, and this year is no exception!
We’re bring back the Jewelry Brand Makeover Bootcamp!
If you weren’t around for it last year, it’s an opportunity to refresh your brand to improve your sales!… READ MORE

Your e-commerce sales can always be better, am I right?
No matter what price point you’re in, it’s totally possible to sell your jewelry online!
Today, we’re going deep into my favorite website platform, Shopify!… READ MORE

Can you believe it’s already December??
Honestly, I love this time of year!
It gives you a chance to reflect on what happened throughout the year, and really envision what you want to create for next year.… READ MORE

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