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Imagine you close an M&A deal that will skyrocket your business.
But your top personnel leaves for the competition, before the integration process even starts.
If you haven’t acquired a company yet, it will surprise you that this is a bitter reality for many CEOs.… READ MORE

One of the most common misconceptions about M&A integration is that it’s a strategy.
This is a fatal mistake.
Because you can acquire a company without having any sort of strategy.
And, if you try to wrap your strategy around a merge, it will most likely fail.… READ MORE

M&A integration is not fair.
It demands excellence from you as a leader and your team.
But it also weakens your company during the integration process.
You need enough reserves to cover potential drawbacks, and flawless communication with your team, while you get across your company culture to a mass of new people.… READ MORE

Most CEOs don’t realize the magnitude of effects their change plan has on the organization, and create more problems than they try to solve.
When your business goes through major change, it’s in your best interest to ensure that the day-to-day processes don’t suffer from it.… READ MORE

There is a certain bias that makes almost all M&A integrations fail.
Most CEOs think they need to make the integration as short as possible, so they avoid eroding their company’s assets.
And While it’s important to burn as little cash as you possibly can, this is also where things go wrong.… READ MORE

What is the goal of your business?
The obvious answer for a business leader is profit.
And you achieve profit by growing your business.
But this is where things get tricky if your business outgrows you.… READ MORE

A CEO is like a general.
If you acquire a company, you also take responsibility for a legion of new employees.
And if you don’t gain the loyalty of your followers, like a bad general, your M&A will fail.… READ MORE

With expected farm income taking a nosedive, and the highest borrowing costs in over a decade, agriculture seems to be on the ropes.
By this logic, we could expect less mergers and acquisitions in the industry, but reality seems far different.… READ MORE

Most M&A books sell you the importance of communication, but that’s where they usually stop.
You need to go the extra mile. I’m talking stuff like personal face time with your team and being available to answer questions right away.… READ MORE

The average M&A transaction has TEN THOUSAND individual, unique, and crucial decisions to make. Some of these include:
How long is this going to take?
How do we avoid making stupid decisions?
How do we avoid wasting our time and/or money?… READ MORE

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