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The difference between a successful M&A that excites your team, grows your revenue, and creates a better experience for your customers… And a failed one where you invest tons of capital and time and energy for nothing comes down to asking 3 simple questions.… READ MORE

No plan survives first contact with the enemy.
While this saying has its roots in the military, it applies perfectly to your business.
As a business leader, you may be well prepared if a plan doesn’t work, and have alternative ideas you can implement.… READ MORE

The most popular definition of leadership alignment is a fine line between productive dissent and aiding your team to operate as a group.
But like it is with most “soft” skills, no one will come to you and brief you on the state of your leadership alignment, and whether you need to change something.… READ MORE

The best company you can acquire is often not the most successful.
Instead, it’s more important to assess how well the seller prepares the exit.
This may sound obvious, but most M&A integrations fail because the buyer or the seller underestimate what it takes to mold a business, so it fits into the new ecosystem.… READ MORE

An M&A integration may fail if you ignore the culture of the company you acquire.
A business may have a similar offer in the same market as you, which makes them an excellent candidate to integrate into your organization.… READ MORE

One of the fatal mistakes agribusinesses make is focusing their strategy around their margins.
Yes, it’s true that your business depends on the value it creates in the economy.
But some of the best strategic decisions you can make may stunt your short-term earnings.… READ MORE

M&A integration is a process where nothing may happen for a long time.
And then everything happens at once.
But this can go 2 ways.
Either you enter a lucrative market, or you can scare your customers away into the arms of your competitors.… READ MORE

No matter how well you run a farm, working with the wrong middleman can diminish your margins.
And the process of buying, storing and selling agricultural commodities is one if the least understood.
This is a threat to every agribusiness, since there are many middlemen who can’t meet the needs of either side of their customers.… READ MORE

Imagine you close an M&A deal that will skyrocket your business.
But your top personnel leaves for the competition, before the integration process even starts.
If you haven’t acquired a company yet, it will surprise you that this is a bitter reality for many CEOs.… READ MORE

One of the most common misconceptions about M&A integration is that it’s a strategy.
This is a fatal mistake.
Because you can acquire a company without having any sort of strategy.
And, if you try to wrap your strategy around a merge, it will most likely fail.… READ MORE

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