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Imagine you're sitting in the back row of Christie's Auction House in New York. The next painting up for auction is a black canvas with white letters. It reads: May 1, 1987. You laugh to yourself, thinking your kid could've done that. Who would buy such a thing?

The bidding starts, it's fast and furious. People are frantically bidding from all corners of the room. Within minutes it's over and someone has agreed to pay $4.2 million dollars for this painting.

You ask yourself, “Why would anyone pay millions for a date?” Do they know something we don't know? It turns out, most Art investors are quite insecure. They don't know which paintings will give them the best return on investment. They make their decisions relying on advisors and trusted brands.

How to become a trusted brandToday we'll talk about how to create a trusted brand. In this article:

1. Old thing, new spin
2. Make them want you
3. What's for breakfast?

New spin, old thing.

People love new things. They're always looking for a new answer to their old problems. Novelty sells.That's why we have to keep innovating for our clients. It keeps things fresh. It keeps them interested.

But creating new things can be time consuming. Plus, we don't know which things will work. That's why we don't need original ideas, we only need to put a new spin on an old thing.

When The Podcast Factory® first started, our slogan was “Get On Top.” Our clients wanted to be at the top of the iTunes charts, and we specialized in this. Then, Apple shut down the charts because too many people were gaming the system. That's when we had to find a new spin to keep things fresh.

Around that time, we were working with a bunch of coaches and consultants who did phone sales. They wanted faster easier sales. That's when we developed the Direct Response Podcasting System. We used the podcast to knock out objections and pre-sell listeners before they got on sales calls. We were still using podcasting, only in a new way.

If we want to develop trust in our brand, we have to keep things fresh. We must innovate. Our ideas need not be original, but they must be novel. Now let's look at the most underrated way to build a trusted brand.

Make them want you

When I was an apprentice, all the electricians wanted me as their helper. Why? Because I was quick to learn the job, and anticipated their needs. Before they asked for something, I had it ready for them. This made their work a whole lot easier and productive.

In business, we have to learn everything we can about our clients. We must know what they will need before they do. We must have it ready before they ask. When we do this well, we become the most wanted “helper” in the crew.

Knowing what our clients need, and having it ready before they ask is an underrated way to build a trusted brand. It's also the single best way to keep your clients longer. At The Podcast Factory® it's not uncommon for clients to stick with us for years.

In the next section we'll discuss the most obvious way to build a trusted brand.

What's for breakfast?

Peter Drucker was one of the most respected figures in modern management principles. He liked to say, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” In other words, culture is the core to building a trusted brand.

Don't mistake culture, for perks. Companies who offer “nap rooms” and in house massage therapist are not what we're talking about. Culture is about our values.

To create a trusted brand that stands the test of time, we need to lead with our values. If you are trying to figure out your core values, ask yourself these questions:

1. Who am I?
2. What do I stand for?
3. Who can I help?

At The Podcast Factory® we have 6 core values. Growth, Impact, Freedom, Gratitude, Excellence, and Extreme Ownership. These are nonnegotiable. We only work with coaches and consultants who share these value with us.

This isn't only for clients. We hire, fire, and promote team members based on how they align with our core values. We live our lives according to these values. Creating a trusted brand means leading with values.

Now let's bring this all together.

3 steps to creating a trusted brand

Why would someone pay 4 million dollars for a canvas with nothing but a date scribbled on it? Because they relied on their advisors and trusted brands to make their decisions.

To become a trusted brand we must deliver novelty to our clients. We must put new spins on old things to keep people engaged and interested in what we have to offer.

Knowing what our clients need and having it ready for them makes them want to work with us. This is the second step to creating a trusted brand.

Last, but not least we must lead with values. We must know who we are, what we stand for, and who we can help. When we put our values front and center, people will trust us more. We'll attract the best clients and the best team who share our values.

These three things will help you build a trusted brand.

Next Steps…

In today's article we talked about putting a new spin on old things. For more on evolving to attract better clients, read this article https://thepodcastfactory.com/how-to-evolve-your-marketing-to-attract-better-clients/

If you're ready to make faster + easier sales, I can show you how a podcast can help. Book a time for us to chat at http://ThePodcastFactory.com/Call

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Without headaches or hassles


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